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Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Epic. Different. Weird magic. Non-human player characters along with classic O.C.C.s and human, Elf, and Dwarf characters. Cat. No. 450 (also now available in hardcover).
Yin-Sloth Jungles – A place of dread, savagery, monsters, and ancient secrets. 25+ locations and maps, four full adventures, adventure ideas and more. Cat. No. 459.
Western Empire – Secrets of the Empire of Sin, vampires, 20 notable locations, 40+ maps, City Creation Rules, adventures, herbs, drugs, magic items, and more. Cat. No. 462.
Mount Nimro – The land of giants, their leaders, society, strongholds, weapons, magic, minions, the Blade Priest, Conjurer, Were-Shaman, 7 Legendary Rune Weapons, adventures, and more! Cat. No. 464.
Eastern Territory – The new kingdom of humans in conflict with the Wolfen and Coyles, 20+ locations, dozens of maps & more. Cat. No. 465.
Garden of the Gods – A place of miracles, dreams and purpose. 45 forgotten gods, 212 Blessings, 101 magic artifacts, 5 Old Ones Rune Weapons, 50+ Curses and dark magic, 100+ random quests and encounters, and each god offers adventure hooks. Cat. No. 475.
Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG – Set days after the Great Cataclysm begins, NEMA Peacekeepers, 11 O.C.C.s, plus robots, power armor, weapons, and more. A complete RPG. Cat. No. 660.
Rifts® Chaos Earth® Resurrection – Zombies done Rifts-style – 12 mechanized M.D.C. Scrap Zombies, Chaos Zombies, and more. Cat. No. 666.
The Rifter® #82 – Erick Wujcik Remembered, Chaos Earth® Pyromancer O.C.C. and 50+ Pyromancy spells (official CE source material), plus stuff for Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane®, Rifts® Bestiary sneak preview, and more. Cat. No. 182.
Rifts® Game Master Guide – Stats for 500+ weapons, 290 pieces of equipment, 180+ vehicles, 100+ suits of body armor, 80+ suits of power armor, 300+ skills, character and D-Bee index, and more. Cat. No. 845.
Rifts® Bestiary Vol. One – 80+ creatures and maps. Cat. No. 896.
Rifts® WB 6: South America One – Anti-Monster, Mutant Felines, Biomancy, monsters and more. Cat. No. 814.
Rifts® WB 10: Juicer Uprising – 15 different Juicers, special gear, the Uprising, adventures and locations. Cat. No. 820.
Rifts® WB 11: Coalition War Campaign – 7 CS power armor suits, 6 CS robots, 5 types of Skelebots, 16 CS combat vehicles, plus body armor, weapons, CS police, Chi-Town ‘Burbs, D-Bees, and more! Cat. No. 821.
Rifts® Sourcebook: Coalition Navy – A toy box of CS Navy O.C.C.s, subs, ships, aircraft, weapons, Sea SAMAS, Sea-Spider Walker, pirates, 10 monsters, naval bases, and more. Cat. No. 828.
Rifts® Sourcebook: The Vanguard – Mages who secretly support and defend the Coalition States! Cat. No. 856.
Rifts® Sourcebook: Final Siege (on Tolkeen) – The City of Tolkeen mapped and described in detail, the Dragon City of Freehold too, NPCs galore (5 Warlords, 26 heroic city defenders, 12 dragons, 6 monsters), TW weapons and vehicles, and tons of adventure ideas. This book is an outstanding and often overlooked resource. Cat. No. 844.
Rifts® WB 19: Australia – 20 O.C.C.s, 11 demons & spirits, 6 monsters, weapons, gear, Dreamtime and more. Cat. No. 834.
Rifts® WB 27: Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp – 20+ dinosaurs, Eco-Wizards, magic, 101 adventure hooks, and more. Cat. No. 866.
Rifts® & The Megaverse® – Art of John Zeleznik – Beautiful and fun. Cat. No. 2510.
Splicers® RPG – Think Guyver meets The Terminator – Cat. No. 200.
Splicers® I Am Legion – Massive adventure, lots of new goodies – Cat. No. 201.
The Rifter® #80 – Part one of Chaos Earth® Nebraska (official source material), Splicers® House of the Red Sands (official source material), Palladium Fantasy RPG® Wayfarer O.C.C. and history (official source material), villains, and more. Cat. No. 180.
Dead Reign® RPG, the Zombie Apocalypse – Epic. Different. Fun. Intuitive. Easy to learn. Plays fast. Not your typical zombies. Cat. No. 230. (Soon to be available as a hardcover edition.)
Dead Reign® Sourcebook: Fear the Reaper – An in-depth look at the heroic Road Reapers. Cat. No. 234.
Dead Reign® Sourcebook: Graveyard Earth – World overview, random tables for setting, locations, Survivor Leaders, and adventure ideas by the truckload. Cat. No. 235.
Dead Reign® Sourcebook: In the Face of Death – Crazy heroes with strange abilities, playing kid characters, Death Cults, 101 adventure ideas, survival in the big cities. Cat. No. 237.
After the Bomb® RPG – Erick Wujcik’s masterwork. Turn any animal into an intelligent, humanoid mutant and have a blast playing in any setting from super-heroes to post-apocalypse to space opera. Cat. No. 503. (Soon to be available as a hardcover edition.)
AtB Road Hogs – Vehicle construction & combat rules, more mutants and more of the post-apocalypse world. Cat. No. 505.
AtB Mutants Down Under – More mutant animals, giant insects, and post-apocalypse Australia described. Cat. No. 507.
AtB Mutants of the Yucatan – More mutant animals and post-apocalypse Central America described. Cat. No. 511.
AtB Mutants in Avalon – More mutant animals, the return of King Arthur as a mutant animal, magic, and post-apocalypse England described. Cat. No. 513.
AtB & Rifts® Mutants in Orbit Sourcebook – More mutant animals, giant insects, killer satellites, space station and moon base survivors, Archie-7, and more! Unexpected adventure and fun. Cat. No. 514.
Heroes Unlimited RPG – Create every type of superhuman and enjoy comic book style adventures. Cat. No. 500. (Also available as a hardcover edition, Cat. No. 500HC.)
Gramercy Island – Nearly 100 villains you can drop into your game, the District of Gramercy Island and the prison designed to hold super beings. A fun resource. Cat. No. 518.
Powers Unlimited® One – 120+ super abilities. Cat. No. 521.
Powers Unlimited® Two – 11 new power categories and ideas for new and different types of heroes. Cat. No. 522.
The Rifter® #84 – City of Cascade for Heroes Unlimited, Spellbound O.C.C. for Nightbane®, Rifts® Golems, BTS monster and adventure, a Fantasy kingdom of Elves and more. Cat. No. 184.
Mystic China Sourcebook for Ninjas & Superspies – Compatible with HU, more mystical powers, magic, immortals, monsters, demons, and more. Cat. No. 526.

Enjoy the sale of these physical books from – on sale now thru June 8, 2021.

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