Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
Among other things, I have started teaching myself how to use MS Excel, and then using that knowledge to plot ideas for my own revised 4th Edition...

Excel HP Screen.png

Now 66% more samey! :D

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Staff member
I used to have a HERO PC character spreadsheet in Excel. It automatically calculated the derived stats and tracked the point totals.

Haven’t used it much since then...


Rob Of The North
So today we had our first online session using Discord with an integrated dice rolling bot. It went relatively well but there was one player who couldn't figure out how to get his iPhone to allow DIscord to use his camera. It wouldn't show up in his security settings for camera.

Also, since this was with my son and his 10-year old friends, there was a lot of mugging for the camera. Hopefully they'll settle down for next session. I'm considering switching to zoom and roll20.

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