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Pretty simple topic here. I am looking for your favorite spot to get maps for science fiction RPGs. I'm interested in both ready made maps to buy, and software for making your own. I'd just love to hear the opinions on what y'all like best.

So far, I have gotten some maps from DTRPG and the quality varies greatly. I'm looking for a variety of things mostly inside space stations or ground bases. I do have a good selection of outer space maps. I primarily use Traveller as my Sci-Fi RPG, but any appropriately themed sources would be appreciated.


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Well, there's my stuff, as a publisher, Gamer Printshop, with stand-alone maps, one-shot and two shot modules with maps. I have some starship deck plans. I have map sets. I have map tiles sets. I have Starfinder supplements with maps and deck plans as well. I even have sci-fi map object sets and flying car sets, so you can build your own maps with them. It can be all found on DrivethruRPG, as you'd expect. I have hard sci-fi, some cyberpunk and some post-apocalypse content. My prices vary but are reasonable. I have both Traveller based custom star ships, as well as a ton of Starfinder maps and deck plans. I even created some W.O.I.N based ship designs for EN Publishing products.

Here's a map I did for Wayfinder magazine, Starfinder issue in the previous year - it's a sub port inside a water filled asteroid...


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On my blog I maintain several lists of resources for superhero-themed gaming (because that's what got me started back into the hobby a few years ago) which have more or less evolved into "stuff that's not all fantasy all the time because fantasy resources are easy to find" and have a lot of SF related links.

I'm at work where for some reason my personal blog is blocked but ENWorld is not, so I can't paste direct links to the relevant pages, but if you go to (Re)Turning (to) the Tables – Tabletop RPG Geekery Revisited, look for a menu up top labeled something like "Supers Maps and Minis" and there will be pages there about map-making software/assets as well as sources of pre-made maps. Also, the most recent blog post there is about building a map for a Traveller adventure using DungeonDraft along with some free or cheap assets from The resulting image can be grabbed from there, and if you happen to be using Foundry VTT, there's a completed scene module there as well. (It's not a wonderful map as I'm a non-artist without a lot of DungeonDraft expertise, but it works for me.)

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