D&D General Payn's Ponderings: The Fighter's identity; or, what's left after the combat pillar?

I was in the same exact situation last year on the forums. It just seemed to be what I remembered and fit my idea of the "fighter", but I was surprised to discover almost the opposite was true. And the only thing I've been smoking is the news, so...🤷🏻‍♂️
Worth noting the fighter costs more exp to level than a wizard after a while. When the fighter hits 10th the wizard is close to 12th.

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I might have mentioned this upthread, but fughters should be good at tactics. If adding skills is off the table, make it a class feature I guess, but it should be a skill that anyone can learn - but fighters should have a leg-up with that skill, or some feature that plays off that skill.


I'd really like to see both Champion and Battlemaster rolled into the core class and have some subclasses with real substance. Honestly, I think ranger, barbarian and paladin should be subclasses of fighter, but that would probably cause a riot.


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Some ideas for fighters:
-fighters get two backgrounds
-when performing a check in relation to their background are considered to have proficiency in the skill if they do not already have it, ie: a fighter with the noble background is considered to have diplomacy(?) when talking to a king or insight on the motives of the other participants at a high class ball, a sailor has acrobatics to climb the rigging of a ship in the middle of a battle or insight?perception? (proficiency on something or other) when searching for information at the docks, the urchin fighter has proficiency to pick a pocket with slight of hand or blending into the crowd with stealth
-the fighter can spend the duration of a rest period to train another character to be proficient in any skill or proficiency they possess themselves, a short rest they are proficient for 8 hours, a long rest 24 hours
-the fighter has a climb (and swim?) speed of half their standard movement speed
-when taking a feat that does not already provide an ASI the fighter can add +1 to a relevant ability score to the feat they’re taking

Combat focused things
-the size/number of damage die a weapon deals is increased by 1 when used by the fighter (greater die size increase at later levels)
-when under half health (and conscious) the fighter recovered 1d4 health at the start of their turn in battle (1d6 at higher levels)
-the fighter can treat every weapon as if it has the Thrown trait
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