PDQ to PbtA conversion (math/probability help?)


I love PDQ. At least, 90% of it. The 'freeform' chargen with qualities instead of stats. The building of a total "MOD" for the 2d6+MOD roll by choosing which qualities apply. Everything I want in a TTRPG.

But it does have one thing I hate...and that's (no, not the death spiral ironically) -- the opposing rolls for the GM. I'd tinkered around a bit in my mind about using more TN style, but I struggle to find consistency in TNs.

I've also been reading a lot of PbtA stuff, bought Blightburg which looks like a lot of fun. I love the partial success (7-9) system, and the theory of GM moves used in those situations instead of having the NPC attack roll vs PC attack roll to resolve the "hit" system. No GM rolls necessary is the goal.

PbtA and PDQ are both 2d6 based. They're also pretty standard on the advantage/disadvantage scale, so they're pretty similar - enough for me to think how to mash them together.

However, PDQ qualities generally run +2, and at least in PDQ are meant to stack a little where there's plausible overlap. +4 in one quality with a +2 (+6 total) isn't unheard of. And that's before an advantage of 3d6 drop low type of roll. And theoretically it COULD go higher, but I'm putting a mental cap at +6 for the most "common" PDQ vs a +2/3 for PbtA presuming a base +1-2 via ability and random +1 forwards or playbook style moves that could toss another +1.

Obviously I'd need to extend the ranges a bit or figure something out. In a 2d6 system, a +1 can be a heck of a boon...and PDQ throws out +2s regularly. I guess theoretically changing to d8s or d10s would probably keep the curve similar enough...but I'm just not enough of a math guy today to figure it out.

And thus, I ask for thoughts and help from the board. Thanks in advance.

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I'm good at calculating probabilities, but I'm not clear yet on what you want calculated? Can you give me a specific scenario you want the odds on?
I'm not even sure what I'm asking.

PbtA is 2d6+ability [ie DEX] mod + a few other possible adds (typical roll is probably at +2 or +3). 10+ is a 'hit', 7-9 is a 'partial hit', 6 and under is bad stuff.

So even someone with +0 (average joe) still has a fair dice average to get at least the 7+ to get some success. A person with a +3 or a rare +4 still needs an average roll before mod to get the 10+ success.

PDQ is also 2d6 but has a much wider range of modifiers since it doesn't use basic ability scores. In all, I'd say the normal 2d6 + "x" the x is like +5/6, so about double that of PbtA.

Theoretically, one could just change the partial hit to 10-13, but that means an average joe is going to have a tough time getting the partial at all. I'd like to keep the relative odds of miss/partial/full the same, but the extra +3 in PDQ means something has to change, probably dice from d6 to d10 or something


Oh no, it's ...a fireball or something. everyone (regardless of system) "make an appropriate reflex save".

Tina's PbtA roguish character has a dex mod +2 with a +1 situational mod. (2d6+3) She needs a 7-9 to not die, 10+ to take no damage.

Bill's PbtA wizard has no dex. (2d6+0) He still needs a 7-9 not to die...

Eric's PDQ monkey-race-guy has qualities of Nimble like a cat +4 and +2 tough hide, total: (2d6+6).
Laura's PQQ princess is only slightly Light on Her Feet +2, so (2d6+2).
Alan's PDQ wizard has no dex (2d6+0).

Theoretically -- Bill and Alan should have roughly the same shot at get a partial success/full success..
Eric and Tina's characters are 'equivalent' as well.


Again, I"m not an expert, but i'm hoping this will suffice. i used any dice

2d6+0 (average joe)
6 or less - miss - 41.67%
7-9 - partial hit - 41.67%
10+ -full hit 16.67%

2d6+3 (hero)
miss - 8.34%
partial - 33.33%
full - 58.34%

if I were to use PDQ 'stats' with d10:

2d10+0 (avg joe)
10 or less - miss - 45%
11-15 - partial - 40%
16+ - full hit - 15%

2d10+6 (hero)
miss - 6%
partial - 30%
hit - 64%

average joes seem to track well against each other.

heroes, a bit more hits with 2d10+6 vs 2d6+3, but are those numbers "problematic" enough?

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