ZEITGEIST Pemberton after Book 3



I'm about to start my party into Book 5. In Book 3 during the Expo, looks like he was doing quite well for himself. But then I noticed this in the description of the Pardwright District in Book 5 "Pemberton Industries Office Building. This squat complex once served as a testing ground for the discredited Pemberton Industries’ experiments with personal arcanoscientific devices. Now it is locked and lightly guarded until Benedict Pemberton or his debtors can clear out the labs."
Wait...what? When and HOW did this happen? What happened to make him discredited? At the beginning of Book 4, Meanwhile in the News...., he wrote a book and was touring Risur to promote it. Is this something that the PCs should really really know about like right now before we start Book 5?

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My best guess is that Aodhan and Harkover lost their patience after Pemberton was agitating for war with Ber with his book, and shut him down. Thus he retreated to Karch to begin his Book 6 plan.

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