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D&D General People make amazing D&D Art


So, after seeing and participating in the Dall-E makes amazing AI Art Thread I think a thread for Art made by humans and other real people is in order.
So, here you can show the D&D/Fantasy Art you made and share it with the forum to celebrate humans making art! It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to come from the heart. Show us your D&D Art and tell us why you made it.

Let me start:

Her name is Klicker and she wants to hire your adventure group to bring back her mate thud, who was petrified by a basilisk while they were looking for the aetheral lotus, a flower that legend says can grant the Kenku the ability to fly again.

That is a small adventure I'm working on right now (for DMs Guild) I wanted to see if can make the art for the adventure myself or if I should continue to use stock footage.

The following is the Inquisitorial Cage. My DM let my Wizard create that.
You put the (not completly rotten) head of a death person in it and it will answer you as if under the speak with death spell. It starts with 1d6+2 charges. One charge is one question. If it reaches 0 charges the head is to destroyed to answer.
But you can recharge it by feeding it blood. But the blood cost rises with every recharge. So the first time you recharge it with 1 charge, it costs you 1HP by letting it drink your blood. The second time it costs 2HP, the third time 3 HP and so on, because it becomes increasingly difficult.to keep the head in state that it can answer questions. Here is my rendition of it:

We used it to put the head if a lieutenant of a crime syndicat in it.
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I am a mediocre artist at best, but some of my more favorite pieces. They were made as illustrations for my monster books, and used in my 3E publication.

A Tyres Haul - a half-elf, half-dragon race that I've used since 2E.

An Asunder, a giant demon who shoots death rays from his eyes and has the strength of a titan. Again, from 2E.

A dread fey in action from 3E.
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I have done a bunch of sketches for my current homebrew setting Artra. These are some of the earlies ones and show some peoples of the world.

People Cities 1 (sepia).jpg

People of the city states. A wizard-scribe from Shimbal, a hedonite from Xaharranad, a Marutian noble and a warrior from Ilum. Whilst most of Artra is inhospitable wasteland, there exist several city sates that are beacons of civilization commerce, and some would say decadence.

People Hunter-Gatherers (sepia).jpg

Hunter-gatherers from Xendu. These hardy folk who are accustomed to fighting for survival.

People Sherennid (sepia).jpg

Sherennid Traders. The Sherennids know how to navigate the wastes of shifting sands. Their droms caravans convey goods and information between the city states, and to the people outside of them.

People Orcs(sepia).jpg

Orcs. The Artran orcs are resilient people who are unbothered by the heat of the twin-sun-scorched deserts they made call home.

People Edri (sepia).jpg

The Eldri. River kindred, forest kindred, desert kindred and the underdark kindred. The diminutive and mysterious eldri live in small groups. Their magic and guile allows them to survive in various environments.

Couple of creature designs. I like to reimagine classic D&D monster a bit.

Dragon (smol).jpg

Artran dragons have four limbs, not six like typical D&D dragons.


Oliphadons are massive pachyderms native to Xendu, the droms are the draft animals used by the Sherennid Traders.

Beholder (smol).jpg

I wanted a beholder that looks more creepy and less goofy.


A pretty basic troll.

Kobol (smol).jpg

Kobols are the Artran version of kobolds. They are very old school, being dog people rather than dragon people.
They're distantly related to the gnolls.


A lot of artwork has been posted under the Dragon Magazine Cover Remakes thread. I also have a Gas Spores thread with gas spore and beholder art. I recently did a Mercane in Jack Kirby's art style.

Here is a Gnoll Bonespitter. It is based on the Flee Mortals monster book. I kept reading Bonesplitter wrong so I decided it needed to be a new monster.

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