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PF: Skin Deep

Aldern Foxglove

First Post

The great city of Xirr is a heaving cesspit of humanity. The diseased heart of a nation that has long since given up on the gods and turned to the worship of their tormentor Xall Lord of plagues, The Scaberous One.


The people of Xirr tend great open temples feeding their dead to seething pits of maggots and leeches, tending to the needs of great black clouds of flies. Only those most devout remain free of disease, and despair hangs thick in the air a palpable and hideous stench.

But there are still good men in the city, the priests of Alira do their best to tend those they can in secret hiding in catacombs beneath the city. But lately the Priests have seen signs that something even more terrible approaches the city from below...

OOC: A 5th level PF game set in an undefined and non canonical area of the Living Pathfinder world of E'N in order to allow me to explore some ideas and oil rusty DMing muscles. The idea is to run the game in small segments giving each both a satisfying conclusion and potential for expansion.

  • 20 Point Buy.
  • Core and APG only, no monsterous races.
  • HP max at first, choose rolled or maximum possible per hit die - 2 thereafter.
  • 2 Traits, which must be official.
  • Wealth of 10500gp.
  • No Item Creation.
  • Using fast XP progression.
  • Character Sheets should be posted in the Rogues Gallery.
The Pantheon will use the Living Pathfinder Divine Archetypes system see HERE for details.

What can you expect? Expect tough challenges, some character death, some horror style play, and a largely hostile society. I'll be experimenting on you a little and definitely using some custom monsters, etc. It will probably be preferable to attempt a reasonable level of optimization.

Maps with keys will be used for battles so you will need to provide an icon for your character. These maps will either be nice ones stolen from the internet and photoshopped to fit our needs or knocked up on Dungeon Crafter III and again photoshopped as necessary.

I am looking for 4-5 applicants who can post at least once a day except on weekends. Applications are currently closed.
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Walking Dad

First Post
I would be interested in a slightly high Pf game, but I cannot post on Saturdays, bi-weekly.

Will wait which classes others want to play, but tending toward Inquisitor or Oracle.


First Post
I would be in, but on weekends I can't guarantee daily posts. During weekdays I can post pretty much as much as you like though :)


First Post
Then I call "Dibs" on the Paladin. :)

How do you want us to generate HP? Average HP, MAX HP, MAX HP -2, Roll?
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Thy wounds are healed!
Hmmm... interesting :D and a great idea btw.

I like that I may get to try some character types before confirming to them in the LPF.

I can take the muscle of the group but have chores expect something tonight.




First Post
Like a lot of others, weekends aren't good for me to guarantee posting, though I'm fairly steady through the week.

I've been wanting to take a crack at a lame-cursed oracle of the heavens, a crippled dreamer who looks to the skies for his hope of a better life. A plague city seems like a good place for him to dream of getting out of, but I'll admit that I'm a little concerned about "a reasonable level of optimization." Even when I'm trying, I tend to be pretty bad at optimizing, so I usually just go for what seems to work thematically for the concept.

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
I would not be too worried about it, more than anything I'm trying to get across that this can be expected to be a challenging game which has the advantage of allowing swifter leveling, etc., but also means that character death is more likely than in an average game. So long as you are okay with that we are golden.


Thy wounds are healed!
Well my first choice of character is Dorn a dwarven Monk of the Sacred Mountain. Alot of reason but mostly I want to try a high CMB/CMD character to give those rules a through going over.

But it looks like so far we are missing a cleric...

Walking Dad - Inquisitor or Oracle (possible Inquisitor do to jkason's character choice)
Padreigh - Paladin
kinem - Arcane caster (bringing out the fireballs??)
jkason - Oracle

So I think we should have a cleric and one who leans heavy combat to supplement the other melee fighters. I think we will need some third lvl spells in a game where the DM isn't to optimistic about our survival in his first post. :p (Character to be done shortly I have been working on Dorn LOL.)

And how about us all worshiping the same Power we could be working for the church on some mission or another.




First Post
would you have room for one more? i would probally play something similar to what i have in LPF, a ranger. Could have melee or ranged as needed

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Sure why not, I'll close off apps for the moment and stick up a Rogues Gallery. I'll probably aim to get underway on Monday, does that give everyone enough time to sort out their characters, etc.?


Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=Leopolod Sach]
[sblock=Game Info]
Race: Human
Class: Cleric (favored)
Level: 5
Experience: 10,000 (fast)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common
Deity: The Light in the Darkness[/sblock]
STR: 18 +4 (base 15 - +2 race, +1 at lvl 4)
DEX: 10
CON: 14 +2
INT: 10
WIS: 16 +3 (base 14 - +2 item)
CHA: 13 +1[/sblock]
HP: 52 = [5d8 = 32; Max-2] + 10 [CON] + 5 [feat] + 5 (favored class bonus)
AC: 24 = 10 + 9 (armor) + 3 (shield) + 1 (feat) + 0 (DEX) + 1 (natural)
AC Touch: 10 = 10 + 0 (DEX)
AC Flatfooted: 24 = 10 + 9 (armor) + 3 (shield) + 1 (feat) + 1 (natural)
INIT: +0 = +0 (DEX)
BAB: +3 = +3 (Cleric)
CMB: +7 = +4 (STR) + 3 (BAB)
CMD: 17 = 10 + 4 (STR) + 0 (DEX) + 3 (BAB)
Fort: +6 = +4 (base) + 2 (CON)
Reflex: +1 = +1 (base) + 0 (DEX)
Will: +8 = +4 (base) + 3 (WIS) + 1 (trait)
Speed: 20'
Damage Reduction: none
Spell Resistance: none[/sblock]
[sblock=Weapon Stats]
Dieties favored weapon (mw): +8 = +3 (BAB) + 4 (STR) + 1 (item)/ DMG = ??? Note weapon unknown at this time
Dagger(melee): +7 = +3 (BAB) + 4(STR)/ DMG = 1d4+4(P or S), CRIT 19-20x2
Dagger(range): +3 = +3(BAB) + 0 (DEX)/ DMG = 1d4+4(P or S), CRIT 19-20x2
Mace,light: +7 = +3(BAB) + 4 (STR)/ DMG = 1d6+4(B), CRIT 20x2[/sblock]
[sblock=Racial Traits]
Favored Class: Cleric
+2 to One Ability Score (STR): Human characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).[/sblock]
[sblock=Class Features]
*Aura - Good
*Spells & Orisons
*Channel Energy: (Positive) 3d6
*Spontaneous Casting - cure spells
*Alignment Spells - May not cast Chaotic spells.
*Domains (Nobility and War)
- Inspiring Word (Sp): As a standard action, you can speak an inspiring word to a creature within 30 feet. That creature receives a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). You can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

- Battle Rage (Sp): You can touch a creature as a standard action to give it a bonus on melee damage rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level for 1 round (minimum +1). You can do so a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.[/sblock]
[sblock=Feats & Traits]
Cleric - Prof with all Simple Weapons
Cleric - Armor Prof. (light)
Cleric - Armor Prof. (medium)
Cleric - Shield Prof.
Human bonus - Toughness
1st lvl - Shield Focus
3rd lvl - Armor Prof (heavy)

a) Indomitable Faith
b) Divine Warrior[/sblock]
Skill Points: 15
Max Ranks: 5
ACP: -6

Skill List:
Acrobatics -6 = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Appraise +0 = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Bluff +1 = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Climb -2 = +0 [ranks] +4 [STR] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Craft +0 = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Diplomacy +7 = +3 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Disable Device na = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Disguise +1 = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Escape Artist -6 = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Fly -6 = +0 [ranks]+0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Handle Animal na = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Heal +9 = +3 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +3 [WIS] +0 [misc]

Intimidate +1 = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Arcana) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Dngnrng) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Engnrng) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Geography) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (History) na = +0 [ranks] + 0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Local) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Nature) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Nobility) +5 = +2 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Planes) na = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Knowledge (Religion) +5 = +2 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Linguistics na = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Perception +3 = +0 [ranks] +3 [WIS] +0 [misc]

Perform +1 = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc]

Profession na = +0 [ranks] +0 [class skill] +3 [WIS] +0 [misc]

Ride -6 = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Sense Motive +9 = +3 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +3 [WIS] +0 [misc]

Sleight of Hand na = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Spellcraft +5 = +2 [ranks] +3 [class skill] +0 [INT] +0 [misc]

Stealth -6 = +0 [ranks] +0 [DEX] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Survival +3 = +0 [ranks] +3 [WIS] +0 [misc]

Swim +2 = +0 [ranks] +4 [STR] +0 [misc] -6 [ACP]

Use Magic Device na = +0 [ranks] +1 [CHA] +0 [misc] [/sblock]
[U]Item                             Cost  Weight[/U]
Unknown mw weapon as of yet     400gp  saved towards it
Dagger                            2gp    1lb
mace, light                       5gp    4lb
Full platemail (mw)           1,650gp   50lb
+1 heavy steel shield         1,170gp   15lb
Traveler's Outfit                free    0lb
Bedroll                           1sp    5lb
Rope (50'hemp)                    1gp   10lb
Backpack                          2gp    2lb
 -flint and steel                 1gp    0lb
 -torches(4)                      4cp    4lb
 -rations,trail(4days)            2gp    4lb
 -waterskins(2)                   2gp    8lb
 -crowbar                         2gp    5lb
 -hammer                          5sp    2lb
 -pitons(4)                       4sp    2lb
 -sack,empty                      1sp   .5lb
 -spade                           2gp    8lb
 -peasant's outfit                1sp    2lb
Belt Pouch                        1gp   .5lb
 -whetstone                       2cp    1lb
 -mirror,small steel             10gp   .5lb
 -potions:stabilize(2)(lvl0)     50gp   .5lb
 -potions:cure mod.(2)(lvl2)    600gp   .5lb
Scroll Cases(3)                   3gp  1.5lb
 -scroll of comprehend language  25gp    0lb
 -scroll of bless                25gp    0lb
 -scroll of shield of faith      25gp    0lb
note: all scrolls are caster lvl-1
[U]Misc Magic[/U]
Amulet of Natural Armor +1    2,000gp    0lb
Circlet of Wisdom +2          4,000gp    0lb
Treasure: 20gp(+400gp), 7sp, 4cp Gems: 5 x 100gp each

Total weight carried: 117 + lbs (medium)

Maximum weight possible: 100lbs(light), 101-200lbs(medium), 201-300lbs(heavy) [/sblock]
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'-1'
Weight: 225lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: lightly complexed

Apperance: Handsome and young, Leopolod has yet to earn a scar in his fight agianst evil. He takes pride in his armor that was crafted just for him and keeps it well maintained. He looks like a knight out of a fairy tale.

Deamenaor: Jovial and always looking on the bright side, Leopolod would have been a noble had his house no fallen out of favor when he was as yet to be born. He looks at everything as a new experience and always says it's the bad ones that teach you the most in life. [/sblock]
[sblock=Background]Born poor in the slums of a slum city one would think Leopolod would have grown to be a man of decite and corruption, but it was not the case. Leopolod grew up near a church of (XX) and spent more time watching the gallant knights and holy warriors set out in the name of justice. His parents filling his head with stories of his grand and great grand parents and the noble lives they lived before falling in disfavor.

The children running the streets would tease him but he would not be diswaded. When he was old enough to apperentice he immediately joined the church hoping to follow the knights and their ways but Leo's childhood did leave a small mark on him in that he wasn't virteous enough to become a knight. He did his best but he could not let go and trust enough in himself to be as good a person as brought forth in the tenths. So he became a squire and later when it was known he was chosen to wield the divine powers of (XX) in the realm of mortals he was given over to the clergy where he spent almost 6 years learning (more than normal and said because he still dreamed of knghthood) and then another year working as a helper in the field out amongst the depraved people. [/sblock] [/sblock]
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Thy wounds are healed!
Also I added two traits just like in character gen for the LPF. Is this ok?

I will be taking MAX-2 Leopolod needs to be a high AC/HP kinda guy.

Do you have a link to the RG?



Walking Dad

First Post
As jkason wants to be an Oracle, too, I will play an inquisitor.

Half-Orc, liberation domain. I s their a deity similar to Desna?
I need a Lady Liberty, a deity of freedom and luck.

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Sure, either make something up or you can use...

Shana, the Starlight Queen.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Liberation, and Travel
Favored Weapon: Sickle

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