D&D 5E PHB Humans are the most mechanically boring race. How do we fix this?


Basic human is much better with rolled stats, because you may end up with a lot o f odd scores, and +1 across the board could be a big boost.

Don't like rolling because you get uneven power level? The redric Roller, invented on EN world (!) is the solution:

this is great. Now if it can only have option for variable point buy pool...

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Dusty Dragon
this is great. Now if it can only have option for variable point buy pool...
You mean have a way to "tweak" the roller so it rolls say, a 30 point character? Unfortunately, I don't control that page nor have the technical skills to accomplish such a goal...


Pedantic Grognard
Humans are boring in the exact same sense that the Champion subclass of Fighter is boring. Which is to say, there's nothing that needs to be fixed; it's supposed to be the simple choice.
As pointed out elsewhere humans are the default. When it was acceptable to couple racial penalties to bonuses this was tolerable.
Just because it's all now phrased as bonuses doesn't change the fact that compared to the human baseline, most other races are "+1 to one ability score, -1 to four ability scores".

Now, the specific construction of the standard array reduces the impact of that. But in random-rolling it can have more of an impact, and in point buy you can create heavy-on-odds arrays like [15, 13, 13, 13, 11, 8], [15, 15, 11, 11, 11, 8], or [15, 15, 13, 11, 9, 8].


Guide of Modos
Humans in the PHB, variant or not, are pretty mechanically boring in D&D 5e. . .
I'm pretty sure that Warforged is the only mechanical PC race.
This leads me to the conclusion that for a 6E, something should be done on the mechanical end to make humans more interesting to play.
Odds are that Human is the only Ancestry in 6e, given the current homogenization trend. I'm actually happy with the boring 5e human; it's the most true to 5e's design philosophy.


I think having bland elements in a game just... sucks.

There are games where humans aren't bland and don't suck for a variety of reasons, and in those games sometimes humans are the most flexible, sometimes they are not. But they have reasons to be interesting.

Certainly, the mechanics of how humans work in 5e are really uninspiring. Any inspiration has to come entirely form the player and GM, which can be contrasted pretty heavily against well, any other ancestory in 5e.

This might simply be a consequence of how you don't make any further choices about your heritage after character creation, however.


Well, to extend that analogy... you are right, vanilla is a great flavour.

Unfortunately, in 5e, to me humans taste like absolute shite.

So it... doesn't really help.


Natural Talent:
Select an attribute. When making a saving throw, ability check or attack roll with that attribute where you do not already add your profuciency bonus, instead add 1/2 of your proficiency bonus (rounded up).



PHB Humans are the most mechanically boring race. How do we fix this?​

By being humans! We are all human players (unless there are any Skrull changelings out there among us. If so. Welcome!). The range of emotions, backstories, motivations and skills that may guide us, move us, engage us, and shunt us to the front of the line must make for some amazing stories.

The vast and unending scenarios that we can imagine in our greatest dreams and worst nightmares should give us; the role-player, more than enough ammunition, energy and emotional thrust to to play out multiple facets of anything the human brain can conceive.

This is Spart....escapism. or Therapy or any other thing that D&D means/provides for you.

Boring? Never. Not so. Challenging, Draining, Frustrating, Emotional, Driving, Exhilarating, Accepting, Pre-judging, Short-lived, Spiky, Bashful resentful, Intimidated. Or just plain you. of Course, but boring? Only if you let it be so. And you never should!

Being Human is difficult when others can see in the dark, are more fortuitous, have greater resistance, can Jump like Hulk, Fly like Superman, Deceive like Mystique, and live to a thousand years old. The light that shines twice as bright etc.

Take your destiny. Make your stand. live to the fullest. And show those that live 20 times your age what you are made of.

Mechanically boring?.....Bollocks!......Live for now! Make History!

Rant over.
Now go play the snowflake teleporting, hard shell AC, lucky, wall crawling, long-lived, long-armed, spell resistant, winged, armoured, shape-changing races.

What do they know? Sweet F/A, Nothing, Nada. Why? Because they are not human. Mechanics be damned! Well Rant may now be actually over now.

'nuff said.

Tl, dr.
Humans? Not so bad.

Just got done a session where it was ALL Humans, except my Halfling outlier. The entire session dealt with moving through cold water, across rope bridges, and dealing with Undead that popped out of the shadows. We had to deal with umpteen Con saves, Dex saves, then ability checks at Disadvantage because of Exhaustion due to the cold water. We also had to figure out how to make a fire to dry ourselves out with almost no wood. It was AWESOME.

It was true D&D at its finest. And not one Flying Kobold. or a Ninja Turtle in sight. Humans mechanically boring....how about the DM and player lack imagination.

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