D&D (2024) Picking Locks and Disarming Traps - Dex or Sleight of Hand?

Reaper Steve

I’m starting to think the problem is the name… don’t call them Tool Proficiences, just call them Proficiencies. I’m not proficient in Cartography Tools or Thieve’s Tools… I’m proficient in Cartography or Thievery.

Proficiencies are different from skills in that everyone has some natural ability to perform each skill (a normal d20 test). But you have little to no ability to perform a task that requires a proficiency without having said proficiency (reflected by having disadvantage if not proficient).

Practically nothing changes gamewise, just some category clarification.
You have:
Ability scores & bonus

Proficiency Bonus (per level)

Skills [everyone has to some degree] (ability bonus + prof bonus if applicable)

Proficiencies [unique write-ins, like Cartography and Thievery (I.e., what were tool proficiencies). These are NOT related to any skill]. (Ability bonus but DISADVANTAGE if not proficient; ability bonus + prof bonus if proficient. Since tools are likely required for these tasks, I’d drop the ‘with advantage if you have the tools’ part. Skills and proficiencies would be separate animals.)

Training: weapons and armor
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bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
I mean lol, you explained how you expanded on the rules quite considerably.

You say there's nothing confusing/hard-to-understand, but WotC's own inconsistent and messy work with tools shows they've certainly found their own system confusing and have frequently neglected it at times when it would have been useful.

The 1D&D take is a lot more coherent, at least.
I don't think I did. But you can see how I did things here

Reaper Steve

Regarding my previous post, if tool proficiencies become in essence specialized skills, then one could also use Expertise to improve them. So:
Not proficienct in Thievery = Disadvantage on d20 test
Proficient in Thievery = normal test, add prof bonus
Expertise in Thievery = normal, add 2x prof bonus

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