Piratecat's "TimeWatch" kickstarter is 1090% funded and mentioned on Boing Boing. Woot!


Hey, my investigative time travel game for Pelgrane Press is Kickstartering-off on Tuesday 1/21/14 at noon. I'm setting up immediate access to the playtest manuscript and the character creation tools to all pledgers, and I could not be happier with how it's turning out.

EDIT: The Kickstarter is live, so come see! Link here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kevinkulp/timewatch-gumshoe-investigative-time-travel-rpg

Also? Spiffy cover.


I'll post the link once we're ready to roll Tuesday. Hooray!
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I can't wait...

anyone want to place fun bets on how long it takes to fund?

I will go on record now as guessing about 73 hours..
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Unless the funding total is (relatively) high I'd guess under 24 hours to fund - the idea is sound for an RPG system/setting and has really huge potential, Gumshoe is a trusted system, Pelgrane Press have a good rep - and I imagine the PirateCat/K Kulp tag wont really hurt things that much :p

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Good luck with this, [MENTION=2]Piratecat[/MENTION].

I'm definitely going to be a customer and I'm really excited to see this latest addition to the Gumshoe family of uniformly excellent games.

I was backer number 18, and we are already double that and almost half way to goal...

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Congrats! Clearly, the thing had legs. But to find out it is, in fact, the Road Runner must be pretty awesome.

Good luck. I intend to pledge after payday.

I'm sure you've gotten plenty of advice from other folks who've done Kickstarters, but it so happened that this past weekend I was at a party with multiple KS veterans who were all kvetching about 'fulfillment.' Definitely make sure you don't overextend yourself with stretch goals. They make you run over time and often aren't cost-checked as thoroughly, especially when it comes to shipping (and international shipping in particular). It seems like you're doing gangbusters already, so if you've got more high-end stretch goals, maybe you could safely, um, stretch them out.


25 hours to go: TimeWatch officially launches Tuesday at noon

[MENTION=82746]HardcoreDandDGirl[/MENTION], it uses a single d6. I know, I know, but it works! Google "GUMSHOE 101"; that's a 1-pager I wrote that explains how the rules system works.

RW, I hear you. My goals are all focused on things that bring value to the game and which don't need extra shipping. I'll be adding a lot of words, but avoiding additional physical items.

And holy cow. 10 hours in and I'm at something like 450% funding. I'm delighted and completely blown away.

I always like to refer to GUMSHOE as a stealth diceless game. All the investigative abilities are in fact diceless, while you can keep spending points on general abilities that you really, really want to succeed with, or you can spend fewer points and roll that d6. Of course, when your pool runs out, it turns back into a diced game!

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