silvertable81 said:

Katharrgh; "I'm hungry." She eyes Kenny's arm wondering to herself how long he could feed her with his regenerating arm.

OOC- oh now that is going a bit far....a magical source of food for our party mascot!

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"I wonder if Bost would have exceptions to our using company funds this way?" comments Porsche as you guys near the penthouse level (by stairs).

"I won't tell him about your bath and massuse if you won't tell him about my ordering two rooms. What does that leave us?" Asks Coop.

"About 1500 GD for this world's currency and I have about 250 gold in Faerun coins on me." comments Porsche.

DM Input records all of this tsk-tsking the lot of you. (she even recorded Kath's licking Kenny's stub of a bi-cep. ) ((OOC- tasted nasty)

Once in the rooms. You agree to meet in two hours to discuss what to do next.

What would Coop and Kath like to do while Kenny regenerates?


Kath follows it's nose and finds the kitcken next door to your current building building. This tavern is quite different as it is a night club of sorts. (Capital of Caldonia is BIG)

Tonight is Bards night. Dozens of bards battle it out for prizes by giving 1 minute or less tales and/or music. It is already underway and getting rather rowdy.

Currently a male elf is giving his performance. It is a love ballad that many of the females are enraptured by. (he looks like Fabio but with pointy ears and real talent.)

There are no tables free at this point but two seats are availiable at the far end of the bar.

She smiles at Coop and gathers a drink for him. She wrinkles her nose at Kath and looks for a bottle marked with "Talona Brew" and pours some into a thick mug.

The wedding...oh yes. No. I must work. These disks don't come cheap you know. That will be two gold pieces total please.

Rub elbows? There will be two wedding ceremonies. A public one where they will be married at the balcony for all to see and then a more traditional one. That Paladin is quite lucky. She is beautiful. yum. Look, maybe I can talk more in a moment but I have to make rounds or the boss (motions to a nasty looking human) will complain. She takes the coins, gives out the new drinks and places the dirty cups into a bag of holding before moving along.

Porsche waits for the others. She does her nails until then.

Kenny is less than mobile as both legs are incomplete but he is playing a game of chess against DM Input.

DM Input- "weird that a royal wedding has to be occuring just as we arrive here isn't it?"


A big barbarian type is seen waving to a crowd. He holds a heavy belt. "Bulk World Beat-em up Champion"


"But even Bulk gets hurt in match. That is why I use the one and only "Pelor's Healing Gel". It makes feel...mmmmmmm good!"

Scantly clad woman rush to him. "Everyone like Pelor's Healing Gel now. It smell like oranges! Right Girls?"

"Mmmmmm- right Bulky!"

Music chimes in....."so use Pelor's healing gel...The Bulk does."

END OF COMMERCIAL (and prelude snicker...)

TESTING 1, 2, 3....


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Porsche- "Where have you been? the gods Kath- have you been drinking from the bowl again....I wish this world had breath mints!"

PS just how many Drinks did both of you have? It has been about 4 hours of being downstairs in the bar before Kenny revived enough to be useful.

Epic Threats

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