D&D 5E Plasmoid Druid Hands

Argyle King

I was in a discussion with a friend about the Plasmoid racial features.

In particular, plasmoids have an ability to squeeze through small openings and an ability to create limbs (arms and legs) for themselves.

Druid Wildshape indicates that -while in beast form- you retain racial features and can use them "if the new form is physically capable of doing so."

My initial thought was that a plasmoid in beast form would not be able to sprout hands because that's not something an animal is physically capable of doing.

However, I think the "physically capable..." language is more for things like trying to use hands to hold something while in a form which does not have hands.

Another example would be that the tabaxi speed boost still works while in beast form, but arakocra's flight does not (unless in a form with wings). Eladrian feystep likewise still works.

I am also not exactly sure how to determine the physical limitations of generated blobby limbs.

So, what do you think?

Which plasmoid abilities still function in wildshape?

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