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Playing either SciFi or Pathfinder using The Window [Interest Check]


I have begun playing PbP games using a rules lite system called The Window. I have not seen any games offered here at EnWorld using this system, so I am checking for interest. Mainly I am looking for people that like role-playing and the story instead of concerning themselves with powergaming and rolling dice.

The Window is very simple to learn and is flexible enough that it can easily be used for any genre and setting. I have been running or playing a half dozen games (Fallout d20 Modern Apocalypse, Shadowrun, Star Frontiers, M&M, and Pathfinder) using these rules and they are all successfully fun while also reducing the amount of rule checking and complications. We don’t get bogged down worrying about mechanical issues during combat and the dice provide that random luck that separates it from being a freeform game.

The nice thing about The Window is the flexibility and balance too, but it is also is very general and freeform. As an alternate rule system, I have developed some conversion guides to provide structure to build characters that still feel the same as those other rule sets I have been converting game to. Here is the link for the Storyteller & Player’s Guide for Pathfinder using The Window.

I actually like Pathfinder, but running a Pathfinder game is a lot of work in PbP. By simplifying the mechanics for gameplay it allows me to focus on the role-playing instead. In the document, I even included sample characters for the core classes. Even though it is using The Window to simply the mechanics, it is still very much Pathfinder and has play-tested well.

I also found there is no need to worrying over those pre-game discussions of “can I use this source for feats?”, “are you allowing unleashed rogues?”, “what about summoners, are they allowed?” or “or can I play this race using these alternate features?”

Using The Window, the answers to all those questions can typically “yes” if they match the setting, because it all balances out. In The Window, you can use the character creation choices to invest in racial abilities/attributes as well as class skills/features. So if you wanted to play a Dragonborn Unleashed Barbarian, it can be possible without destroying the imbalance of things.

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