D&D 5E Playing through a Sample Stat Draft (COMPLETED!)

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She did? Well, the next person hasn't chosen yet so I'll pick Charisma 15 instead.

I have corrected this on the boards, and yes, @prabe is correct that in-person collaboration is a lot easier - to the point that I have in past had rules about how much talking could happen between choices because of analysis paralysis and the tendency for some people who think telling other people what they should do is the point of D&D. Of course I always encourage a convo before the draft begins, and before they see the numbers, where people can workshop ideas, plan strategies for choice, and reiterate the campaign theme (if applicable). Ideally, it is part of session #0.

Hey! We're a (virtual / pseudo-) team, right? What else could I do?

This pass I don't have a strong image in my mind as to the character. Once I take my next pick I'll have that narrowed down.

I find that with a floating ASI my character's class is paramount, and the race an afterthought. I had a clear plan in mind for the first one, mostly from reading a Story Hour thread which is run by an old DM of mine. Other than that, my first two attributes will imply a class and the go from there.

CON 14. Which pretty much assures I'm going last next pick, I think.

@FitzTheRuke you're up.

Does that DEX 8 look shiny, though? ;P

I may still have it wrong (@el-remmen can confirm) but I believe next round order is determined by:
1. Ascending order of current round ability score picks
2. If 2+ players are tied: ascending order of totals for all rounds
3. If 2+ players still tied: current round, pick order reversed

So yeah, you are (likely) guaranteed to pick before @prabe next round (15>14)


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Interesting. . . :unsure:
That should insure I pick either first next round or second if swarmkeeper picks an 11 or lower. So that pick gives me an ok score in one of my three “dump” stats and a high slot in the next round to take one of the remaining high(er) scores in Int or Cha.

…Unless I’ve misunderstood how the order is determined 😅

Didn’t expect those picks…

then again, sometimes I don’t expect my own pick.

I’ll go for 2nd overall (i think) in round 3 with…

DEX 12 !

(psst… thinking Sorcerer this round but also fine with shifting to Wizard or Barb… which is a strange phrase I never thought I’d hear!)
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