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PM: Off the Edge of the Map (Fantasy Craft) (OPEN SPOTS!)



Inhabitants of the Sword Isles are no strangers to seafaring. But the crew and passengers of the Emerald Crown are about to set sail via the most unusual venue, for the River or Worlds is no mere sea that the Sword Islanders know. It is the primordial ocean from which the gods themselves drew the firmament of worlds. The lands we know are but one amongst a multitude of worlds.

Join the crew of the Emerald Crown, who will journey to strange destinations and face unthinkable perils.

Off the Edge of the Map will be run using the Fantasy Craft system by Crafty Games. The game will feature role-play, problem solving, mysteries, magic, and combat in nautical settings, far-flung ports, and exotic and unfamiliar planes. Possible inspirations include Sinbad, Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, and Sailor on the Seas of Fate.

Pre-generated characters will be provided.

1) Xer0
2) Licious78
3) AIM-54

Alt1) OPEN
Alt2) OPEN
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There is now a free spot in this game.

In other news, I have a batch of characters brewing. They still need names, and I have a few more I want to throw in the mix, but so far I have:

  1. Milaena - Captain of the ship with a shady past (Female human - ruthless corsair - Captain / Soldier / Swashbuckler )
  2. A bosun's mate who's not quite what he seems ( Male ? Guardian Assassin )
  3. Tinpot - A clockwork brassman who accidentally got programmed into having sentience, and is not interested in going home to his creators (Clockwork Unborn - Rogue - Burglar)
  4. Vivienne - Navigator, sharpshooter, and blacksheep of her family (Female Human - Savvy Dragoon - Explorer)
  5. Starling - Survivor who has vowed revenge against the chaos marauders (Female Human - Agile Acrobat - Martial Artist )
  6. A wily schemer with a mistress in every port ( Male Human - ? Fencer - Courtier)
  7. A halfling apothecary and acting physician of the ship, but with a particular talent with things that go boom (and do other useful thing) (Male Pech - Physician - Keeper / Alchemist)
  8. A dwarf merchant, who knows what every good dwarf merchant should know: how to protect his stuff! (Male Dwarf - Merchant - Soldier / Courtier)

Still considering ideas for 4 more characters. Remaining races are:
Elf, Human, Saurian

Remaining classes I want to cover are:
Mage, Priest, Scout, Sage


Queen of Everything

I'm really sorry to say that Fenris and I won't be able to make the gameday this time around. I haven't been able to get enough done in regard to my upcoming surgery and because of the surgery money is also a concern. I'm really, really sorry and we will totally miss everyone :.-(

And Alan, thank you so much for the offer to stay at your place. Bella will be sad to hear she won't be meeting your girls.