Podcast #169: ENnie Awards and Level Up 5e Electronic Tools with Shane Stacks

This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Shane Stacks to talk about the ENnie Awards and Level Up: Advanced 5e electronic tools! In the news, Free League announces a Blade Runner RPG, update on the upcoming Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, previews of new Dungeons & Dragons books plus D&D Celebration this weekend, 5e Legend of the Five Rings, and more! Plus Our Favourite Game in All the World and a brand new sketch about reminiscing past glories over a pint.


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Shane Stacks

Shane Plays Home - SHANE PLAYS



Free League Making Blade Runner RPG Free League Announces Blade Runner TTRPG for 2022

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Details Announced Monolith Updates on the Batman RPG

Path of the Planebreaker Campaign Setting for 5e from Monte Cook Games D&D 5E - Monte Cook Games Announces "Path of the Planebreaker" for 5E

D&D Celebration This Weekend D&D 5E - D&D Celebration Schedule

Pre-Order the New Dungeons & Dragons Hardcover Product for Release January 25, 2022 for $169.95, to be announced at D&D Celebration Dungeons & Dragons 2022 Title: Wizards RPG Team: 9780786967377: Amazon.com: Books

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Available Now https://amzn.to/3EQqCMz

EN World Review of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: An In-Depth Review

Preview for Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons D&D 5E - Fizban's Treasury Dragons Ranked By Challenge Rating

Pre-Order Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Coming October 26, 2021 Amazon.com: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (Dungeon & Dragons Book): 9780786967292: Wizards RPG Team: Books

Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War available now Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War

Legend of the Five Rings coming to 5e Adventures in Rokugan: Legend of the Five Rings comes to D&D's 5e

Orr Group Releases Q2 2021 Roll20 user statistics D&D and Call of Cthulhu Climb Again in Roll20's Latest Stats

Gen Con Attendance down 50% due to lower ticket availability and COVID fears Gen Con Attendance Down 50%

Demiverse: A Campaign Setting for 5e on Kickstarter Demiverse: A Campaign Setting for 5e & Those Who Wander

News Digest for the Week of September 24 (Inferno Quickstart) News Digest for the Week of September 24.




Total Party Chill live stream archive playing Queerz! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1148152244

Blackbirds RPG Blackbirds RPG

Duster https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/occupiedhex/duster

Legends of the MetaVerse https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lotmv/legends-of-the-metaverse

Keep up to date with all the RPG crowdfunding projects ending soon every week with Egg Embry’s RPG Crowdfunding News https://www.enworld.org/threads/rpg-crowdfunding-news-–-blackbirds-rpg-queerz-rpg-duster-and-more.682749/


ENnie Awards and Level Up: Advanced 5e Electronic Tools

The 2021 ENnie Awards ENNIE Awards – Tabletop RPG awards

2021 ENnie Award Winners Congratulations to the 2021 ENnie Award Winners

Archive of the ENnie Award Ceremony Live Stream
NECA Announces Warduke and Grimsword Action Figures Dungeons and Dragons - NECA Reveals Warduke and Grimsword Figures - The Toyark - News (Note: Shane did, in fact, pre-order the figures)

Level Up Advanced 5e Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (A5E)

Get notified when Level Up Advanced 5e goes live on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enworld/level-up-advanced-5th-edition-a5e?


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Hosts: Russ “Morrus” Morrissey and Peter Coffey

Editing and post-production: Darryl Mott

Theme Song: Steve Arnott

Kickstarter Game Research: Egg Embry

Kickstarter Game Theme: Lyrics by Russ Morrissey, Vocals by “drwilko”, Guitar by Darryl Mott

Malach the Maleficent played by Darren Morrissey

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

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