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post apocalyptic barberian action

Somehow my group has decided to do a post-apocalyptic game where the party are a bunch of barberians fighting loosely rebranded nazi's (thanks to the movie wizards). any ideas for plot hooks or art?

thinking an artifact chase.

going to be trying out savage worlds for a rule system

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The first thing to come to mind is Thundarr the Barbarian, an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.




Small God of the Dozens
You have a pretty tailor made science vs 'something' scenario there. Whether that's ancestor worship, strength at arms, or lots of spiky armour. Give the Barbarians a thing that kinda balances the nazi science and you're off to the races.

Ha and there's a savage worlds version too...that could make it surprisingly easy. :)

in that case, Hook, Line and Sinker time.

Hook: The IzNots (until I can get a better title) are trying to get an artifact known as "The Princess." It is rumored that it was one of the many devices that caused the world to become the way it was.
Line: Your motley crew must get to the princess first. They must bipass the defences and get there.
Sinker: The Princess is actually an upgraded Tamagotchi that was sick of being neglected and has somehow merged with a missile silo. She needs apeasement or she's going to be angry.

How's that?

Savage worlds - post-apocalyptic game (using weird wars 2 and day after Ragnarok)
Well, the Last Game went well, although a lot of it was improv because of PC's actions.
The overall theme is Barbarians vs Fascists (you know what I'm talking about).

The party consists of:
1. A bug monster with four arms
2. A dwarf adventurer based loosely on Jack Harkness and has a techno gauntlet as his main weapon.
3. A grumpy old druid that has dedicated his life to stopping illegal hunting (I have no idea how he decides this in the post-apocalypse)
4. A Halfling ninja whose answer is usually murder followed by extreme justification.

Oh, and the Dwarf has a Tamagotchi called "Nora" that he picked up at the beginning of the game.
It started in a post-apocalyptic city called Styxx (cribbed from Darwin's world), where they just got off a zeppelin and are at the docks. A crate broke open and three enormous scorpions broke out.
So naturally, our party decided to distract them and put them out of the port instead of fighting them. They were essentially dumped on rocks safely nearby.
When the merchant who owned said scorpions as a delicacy, he got booted off al la 300, but was saved by the dwarf so he scampered back to his place of residence.
The party decided to follow them back to a mansion and after yammering on a decision, saw an IzNotz flag in the window and went in as two teams.
1. The druid turned into a spider and the dwarf acted as if to sell him to get intel on a job and/or fortune.
2. The ninja and the bug snuck in to see what they could loot.

They met the big bad in the meeting room, a small guy with a big mutated head who almost purchased said the spider, until two IzNotz grunts found out about the bug.

One fight later, everybody but the two guards at the door were dead (the party let them go as they appeared to not be IzNotz as one of them entertained him with baby pictures), lit the place on fire, and are now looting the place.
They found the following:
Chest full of Canadian pennies.
Chest full of Canadian tire money.
A secret passage
Two animated corpses reinforced with metal that just woke up. (Axis Stitches)

I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to proceed at this point.

edit: if you want to see the train wreck with your own eyes, here's the link.
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What level of firearms technology are allowed for non-Nazis?

If they have modern firearms, you could make the pennies a valuable find. If those pennies are old enough (pre-1997) they are almost pure copper. If dated 1997 to 1999, they're almost pure zinc . If 2000 or later, they're 94% steel.

Anyone making ammunition for modern weapons would need an alloy called "yellow brass" for the cartridges, and this metal is 70% copper and 30% zinc. ...

If the current fashion is for muskets, then the Canadian Tire money would be useful for making paper cartridges.

Hand of Evil

Back in the day, there was a comic book I followed; Vampire Planet, the would was Post Apocalyptic, man became barbarians with the higher tech level being a vampire race. The vamps lived in fortresses and would hunt humans for their blood and create monsters from them. Radiation would create other creatures.

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