D&D 5E Post-Final Packet Revisions

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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
There is going to be a post-final update update? I hear people talking about how they want one, but I have not seen anyone from WOTC actually say they will release such a thing to the general public.


As far as I know, only two things:

  • Changes to the Druid based on Wild Shape feedback (I'm assuming that feedback was "WTF, now I can't be a bear until level 6? This is bull****." At least, that was the feedback from all my Druid players).
  • A new Paladin oath (presumably an evil version, or maybe something like a Warden or Avenger).
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Just a guess but probably over they analysis the next survey so that if they need to fix anything it will be included in the update. Honestly I hope the update has more subclass including the warden, its hard ti judge what you haven't seen.


It's mentioned inside the packet itself. An "upcoming update" to the final packet will fix the druid & paladin. According to Mike Mearls' twitter account, probably dragonborn breath DC and some missing equipment, hopefully including the herbalism kit cost.


It's implied; There will be no more public packets, but this public packet will receive an update. It is "an upcoming update to this packet".

Future packets will not be public. This one, even in an updated form, will be.

Unfortunately, this is not explicitly stated. You can ask him to confirm if you like.

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