D&D 5E Post-Final Packet Revisions

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As far as I know, only two things:

  • Changes to the Druid based on Wild Shape feedback (I'm assuming that feedback was "WTF, now I can't be a bear until level 6? This is bull****." At least, that was the feedback from all my Druid players).
  • A new Paladin oath (presumably an evil version, or maybe something like a Warden or Avenger).
The packet also mentions more cleric domains forthcoming, but it's said that for a while.



First Post
so if future packets will not be "public" is there going to be any play testing other than internally by WOTC? what i mean to say is will there be a way for some select smaller few to get new play testing packets?

Darth Illithid

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If there is any more playtesting, I don't think we'll hear about it, going by WotC saying this is the last public playtesting packet. There'll almost certainly be more playtesting done internally by WotC, but I don't think anyone else is going to be getting more playtest stuff (outside of the packet update).

Li Shenron

I think the update will be very minimal, limited to what is already explicitly mentioned. I just believe those couple of things were really meant to be released now but they messed up something and didn't want to break the promise of a packet for mid-September, so they left wildshape and paladin's second oath out for a couple more weeks.


The closed play test from here on out will hardly be 'internal' only, just closed. There have been quotes indicating it will be at least as big as the 3e play test. Moreover, they seem to be targeting groups with specific tendencies and play styles as part of this play test (i.e. old school, 3e/pathfinder, 4e, hack 'n' slash, etc). Now, whether you believe this will be handled well by WOTC, is of course, left to the judgement of the individual observer based on the final product.


From http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/dndqa/20130927#88682

Q: Will the updates mentioned for the druid and the paladin be updated in the public playtest packet, or are those changes only going to be seen internally and in the private playtests?

A: They will be released publicly in the near future. We just needed a little more time to finish polishing those mechanics up, and we wanted to address other pieces of feedback before the latest release on the 19th.

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