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These modify/extend the standard d20 Future Progress Levels.

[h=1]PL 9: FTL Age[/h]
The FTL Age saw the maturation and more common use of environmental engineeriog, mature fusion technology, matter transmission, tractor beams, and gravity compensators.

Towards the end, it moved into the Tactical Warp Era with the use of antimatter power, artificial gravity, early faster-than-light radio, starship shields, and early tactical warp engines.

[h=1]PL 10: Subspace Radio Age[/h]
This age is marked with improved faster-than-light radio (subspace radio) and early full tactical warp engine. It has further advances in the following eras.

a: Also known as the Main (Phaser-1) Era, now starships mount phaser-1s, modern full tactical warp engines, and fighter-shuttles.

b: Improvements are made to the range of transporters.

c: During the later portions of this era, various improvements included aegis fire control, "hot warp" engines (used in war cruisers and war destroyers), and "fast warp" engines (used in fast cruisers and light dreadnoughts), and
fast patrol ships (gunboats).

d: During the last years of PL 10 came X-technology, including the full terraforming of planets, X-warp engines, and other X-equipment. In fact, this era was so radically different from the earlier parts of PL 10, it is referred to as PL 10+.

[h=1]PL 11: Dysonian Age[/h]This level of sophistication was reached by the Tholians in their home galaxy of M81. The Tholians in the Milky Way Galaxy have the Dyson Sphere which is an artifact of that level of progress. During the Tholians’ transit from M81 to the Milky Way Galaxy, they lost the skills and knowledge base of their former PL 11. Now they can keep their Dyson Sphere functioning, but no other signs of their advanced science remain. Other signs that a civilization has achieved Progress Level 11 are the construction of worlds, ringworlds, nanomachines, and sentient artificial intelligence.

So far as is known in the Star Fleet Universe, no species has currently achieved this level of technological advances.

[h=1]PL 12 and Beyond[/h]2X-Technology: Amazing things. Second-generation XTechnology is the next generation after the Star Fleet Universe history and is beyond the scope of Prime Directive.

3X-Technology: Wonderful things. Third-generation XTechnology.

[h=1]Transporter and Tractor Beam Ranges; Engine Types[/h]Many pieces of equipment function differently at different progress levels. The following table shows the availability of some items for a given PL.

-Advanced sublight
7-Type-SNon-tactical warp
8-Type-WTactical warp (early)
910,000 kmType-YTactical warp (full)
9b20,000 km--
10a30,000 kmType-MTactical warp (modern)
10b40,000 kmType-N-
10c50,000 kmType-N“fast,” “hot,” and “fighter”
10+50,000 kmType-XX-technology, PF engines

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