Black Flag Project Black Flag Reveal Its Official Title: 'Tales of the Valiant'!


Kobold Press' 5E-replacement game, up until now only known by its codename, Black Flag, now has an official title--Tales of the Valiant. And it's coming to Kickstarter next month, joining existing games like Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition and Cubicle 7's upcoming as-yet-untitled C7d20 system which provide open, independent alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons using the same rules system.

Be bold. Be brave. Be Valiant.

Tales of the Valiant (ToV) is a Core Fantasy Roleplaying game that builds on the Creative Commons foundation of 5th Edition.

Project Black Flag has taken bold steps to keep 5th Edition vibrant in an evolving industry. Since January, Kobold Press and the growing 5E community have worked together to create an open, independent version of 5th Edition. Today we reveal the name of the bold future for Kobold Press.

We are writing ToV now. When it’s done, it will be based on the new Core Fantasy Roleplaying rules. (If you’re just joining us, Kobold Press is committed to releasing Core Fantasy Roleplaying to everyone under an open, perpetual, and irrevocable license. It’s like the SRD, but more thorough.)

ToV rules will be available in two books: The Player’s Guide and Monster Vault.

The Player’s Guide includes 13 base classes, lineages and heritages from classic fantasy roleplaying, and the rules you need to play or GM, all between two covers. The Monster Vault includes every dungeon-crawling and fire-belching fantasy creature you need to craft compelling fantasy encounters.

And that’s only a start! Tales of the Valiant goes to Kickstarter in May 2023 and ships to backers in 2024. During development, Kickstarter backers get an inside track with two additional sets of playtest material. Sign up now to be notified when the Kickstarter launches and become one of the Valiant.
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Slumbering in Tsar
I'm sure KP will knock it out of the park from a quality perspective...

....but that name? Not feeling it. (Maybe I will over time, but right now, not so much.)


I crit!
The Kickstarter saves just passed 4000


Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
While I think we have a good idea, generally speaking, about what kind of stuff the Players Guide contains, it'd be nice to get a better idea of what the Monster Vault is offering in comparison to other compilations containing SRD monsters, most notably the 2014 Monster Manual.

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