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Proposal: Variant Channeling Option (Ultimate Magic)

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
So, it's been a while since the debut of Ultimate Magic, and this one isn't specifically addressed on the LPF Wiki as either specifically allowed or specifically disallowed.

I've been thinking of playing a Cleric - a very unusual choice for me, although other than the one I'm thinking of playing the only other Cleric I've ever played has been in LPF. In looking through some of the options, I 'stumbled' across Variant Channeling and the idea really appeals to me as a way to increase the versatility of the class to make it more than the "band-aid" class that I usually think of it as.

I've read through all of the variants in UM, and don't see anything that appears powerful enough to upset game balance, so I'd like to propose that we allow this option into LPF.

Of course I'll almost certainly vote yes when it comes to that, but as always a good discussion could change my mind...

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First Post
I think the implementation of variant channeling is very poor. There are a lot of fiddly modifiers, most of which are highly situational, some of which don't give durations for the granted modifier. Overall, it's a debuff for clerics. Additionally, abilities are granted on the deity's portfolio which may not align with the E'n gods. I certainly wouldn't want to give blanket approval to the whole of these rules. I might entertain a proposal for a specific variant for a specific deity.

As far as rules/variant rules I think there are a whole lot more out there that are better written, more thematic, and a better fit for the Living Pathfinder community than these.


I don't know about how well variant channeling plays, but I do know that the concept has never been very attractive to me when playing a cleric. (Point of admission: I have one 3.0 cleric and one PF cleric, but this is the most played class in the 3.x franchise because I tend to stick with my characters for a very long time.) However, both of these are heavy healers and you're not going down that route, so that may explain the difference.

In relation to GE's concern about maintaining flavor, it would be more work than carte blanche allowing variant channeling, but we could specify the one variant channel each deity is known to grant, to ensure thematic coherence.

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