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Can a Psion or a Psychic Warrior learn a Power they normally cannot manifest?

For example, could a psychic character learn Metaphysical Weapon (3rd level) even though his INT is only 12?

I know he cannot manifest it; that is clear within the rules. But can he know Metaphysical Weapon, then when buffed by Animal Affinity later, manifest it?

Any help appreciated,

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Though I couldn't quote you a rule off hand, I'd definitely rule against allowing this. The only circumstance under which I might allow a psion to have a power that he lacks the attribute to manifest would be one that he learned before having the relevant stat decreased (either from a permanent drain or aging). Even in that situation, I think I'd require them to get the stat back up to the minimum level, either through magical or other (Animal Affinity) means, before allowing manifestation.

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Hmm... Although I can't find anything against this according the SRD, I'd not allow it.

It makes animal affinity a must-have power for all psions (as if it wasn't that already...).


edit: doh! read the original question!

you need at least 10 + power/lvl in an ability score to use a particular spell/power (not for items btw)

where is this? in PsiHB ... (not here at the moment).

Secondary Disciplines: one of the easier changes Bruce Cordell suggested in If Thoughts Could Kill (his e-book, thru Monte Cook) was to use your primarty stat for up to 2 other disciplines.

you still have a primary discipline, but now the score you use for that can be used for up to two others as well. (so now even if you have an 8 str you can use psycho metabolic powers (i think those are str))

edit: okay! ya stoopid moron! (me) ... anyway secondary disciplines were only for psions (not psi-warriors) ...

learn power but not manifest it unless buffed? wow, that is a good, good question ...
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Sorry, I don't have my books with me at the moment, but I do specifically remember that the book only disallows manifesting a power if you don't have the requisite ability score.

Later on, BRC announced that this was the way it was supposed to work for Psions. They can choose any power to be in their repetoir (sp?), but can only manifest it if the correct ability becomes high enough. IIRC, he said it was to balance the fact that they have to have so many high attribs. His opinion was that very few psions would actually be able to afford to have a boost item for each of thier casting attributes, and so they needed some other edge.


If you go to montecook.com and look buy If Thoughts Could Kill, you'll fix this problem. Bruce Cordell has effectively admitted that the PsiHB is a bit weak, especially with PP and Multiple Ability Dependency, so he wrote some alternate rules into ITCK. The alternate rules let you use secondary disciplines, which let you copy your key ability sscore for the two primary disciplines for purposes of manifesting and save DCs. Note that Psonic Focus still only affects the one discipline that you buy it for.
ITCK also has an adventure, a prestige class, and a few new powers, feats, and items. Oh, an a new PC race. Enjoy.

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