Put initial stat bonus in class not background

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I would like to see +1 from race, class, and background since I can see each affecting you. I know attaching one to race is not in fashion now, but it might be a compromise over throwing one's hands up and saying, "Fine, do anything you want."
Pathfinder 2nd edition kind of does this already. ;) You start out two ability boosts( +2 each), one ability flaw (-2) and a free ability boost (+2) for your ancestry, gain another two ability boosts with your background (another +2 each), and finally an ability boost based off of your class. And then to put the cherry on top, PF2 gives four more ability boosts at 1st level. :p

Mind you, PF2 has it where everyone's ability scores start out at a 10 and initially caps their max ability score out at 18.


Why don't we just do a complete point buy character generation and let people pick ancestry and background purely for role-playing purposes?
I'm all for trading starting skill and armor proficiencies one on one basis also, but that would maybe be too "complicated".


I'm all for trading starting skill and armor proficiencies one on one basis also, but that would maybe be too "complicated".
You can always provide pre-built "packages" to make life easy for new players or those that aren't interested in fiddling with numbers, but it feels like WotC is trying to have its cake and eat it to by shifting around where ASIs, proficiencies and special abilities come from. Just bite the bullet and say "You have X build points for your starting character. Go nuts." THEN pick a class.


you can have 1-5 skill proficiencies: 1-5 pts
you can have 0-4 cantrips: 0-4 pts
you can have none to heavy armor: 0-3 pts
you can have simple or simple+martial weapons: 0 or 2 pts
strong save(dex, con, wis): 2 pts, 1 max
weak save(str, int, cha): 1 pt. 2 max
3 tools or languages: 1 pt

you have 10 points for starting proficiencies.


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It seems like the playtest isn't effectively communicating that the stat bonuses are floating already. The backgrounds listed are sampled and you can assign +2/+1 or +1/+1/+1 to any stats of your choosing, that's how it already works RAW.
For some reason people just refuse to accept that custom background is the default, and all example backgrounds can be freely customized. It’s bizarre.


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Who cares what you did growing up - if you spent the last 5 years studying to be a wizard you're going to get a boost to your intelligence.
If your wizard grew up a farmer, they are stronger than the average wizard.

If you doubt me, go seek out an academic who grew up on a farm. “Farm strength” is a term for a reason.

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