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ZEITGEIST Question about Act 3 [Spoilers]


Hi folks,

My Pathfinder 1E players are beginning Adventure Ten of Zeitgeist tomorrow (my campaign log on these forums is like, a year behind at this point...). One of my players controls a divination-orientated Oracle who has access to Commune as a once-per-day spell-like ability. Here is a description for the unfamiliar:
You contact your deity—or agents thereof—and ask questions that can be answered by a simple yes or no. (A cleric of no particular deity contacts a philosophically allied deity.) You are allowed one such question per caster level. The answers given are correct within the limits of the entity's knowledge. “Unclear” is a legitimate answer, because powerful beings of the Outer Planes are not necessarily omniscient. In cases where a one-word answer would be misleading or contrary to the deity's interests, a short phrase (five words or less) may be given as an answer instead.

The spell, at best, provides information to aid character decisions. The entities contacted structure their answers to further their own purposes. If you lag, discuss the answers, or go off to do anything else, the spell ends.
The Oracle does not follow a specific deity, but generally draws upon the spirits of the undead for answers. Previously, the Voice of Rot had his undead minions answers her calls. But now, he's flown up to the crumbling heavens and sees the party as foes. With the multiverse (somewhat) opening up, I think this could be a good opportunity to have a voice from the Gyre answer the Oracle's calls.

For context, the Oracle has a criminal past, levels in rogue and urban empath, is a spirit medium, and is neutral-good aligned.

I'd like some advice on options for who answers her call. I've picked out some ideas below:
1) Nicodemus, the version in the gyre. Philosophically aligned with the party (wants to thwart his reflection, generally cares about people), but would obscure his identity to avoid rousing the party's suspicions.
2) Obliatas. The oracle isn't exactly fond of undead either
3) The Corpse of Srasama? The oracle is one-quarter eladrin and wields Srasama's weapons.
4) A god from a plane added to the Gyre. I plan on adding a few planes, but haven't decided what yet, so there is room to add more options.
5) Roll for a random option above each time commune is used.

Some not-so-philosophically aligned deity-like options I'm less likely to use, but could be persuaded:
1) Doverspike
2) Hunlow
3) Ystis, maybe?

Any advice is welcomed. Thanks!
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There's also the option of drawing from a sort of massed psychic gestalt field that exists across the world in the third act, where the whole of civilization is like a god.

Or perhaps they're tapping into the knowledge of the ghost council without it knowing?


Thanks for the feedback. I'll sleep on it and see what comes to me in fevered dreams .-.
There's also the option of drawing from a sort of massed psychic gestalt field that exists across the world in the third act, where the whole of civilization is like a god.
The oracle is also in possession of the godmind urn, so this might not be a bad idea.


What's your take on Godmind Urn, why does it work in your campaign exactly? I reasoned that it's a remnant of Gidim "technology", a seed of Overmind-like entity to unite the knowledge about the world before its assimilation.

I find it a bit weird for the character to not know the source of his knowledge, at least in general terms. Maybe you can discuss with the player, how exactly he searches for advice and what changed after the Eclipse, e.g.
You feel as if the voices that usually answered your questions are suddenly silent, unwilling or unable to answer in this broken new world. However, you sense some new presence in the skies, an interested but distant observer, that's getting a bit closer by the minute; and your Godmind Urn seems to resonate with some new entities in the world... Who would you trust for an advice?

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