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Pathfinder 1E Question about Pathfinder


Are they all going to be set in the same world? One of the great things about Dungeon was the variety of adventures published. You'd have gritty quasi industrial adventures like the Styes/Scuttlecove settings, traditional Greyhawk adventures, Eberron, etc. If you didnt like one style, you had others to pick from that month alone. If they are all set in the same world, it cuts back on that variety.

I'm a little done with low magic, medieval europe clones myself, but if Pathfinder works to mix things up I'm definately on board.

Sorry to potentially create a new thread on the same topic, but the main thread seems to be primarily anger and resentment (which I can understand).
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They are adventure paths and from what I've read the first AP at least is all set in the same specific world they came up with. I don't know their plans for the setting of the second AP, but in the blog (I believe) they talk about how the 1st AP only takes part in one small section of the world so I would infer they feel they have room to expand into the rest of the world and would do so for other APs if they wanted a different feel from the 1st pathfinder AP.

They talk about how the setting is close enough to baseline D&D to be useable in most campaigns, so I wouldn't expect anything as different as Eberron, Oathbound, or Midnight flavor from the Pathfinder modules.

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