Queue of Pending CC Corrections and 3.5 Upgrades


This thread is a list of 3.0 Creature Catalog conversions awaiting revision to 3.5 rules in the Creature Catalogue Overhaul Project Revisited thread.

It seems easier having a dedicated thread to keep track of them rather than having to dredge through other threads (usually Corrections to Monsters in the CC) to try to remember what monsters we were particularly keen to upgrade.

Creature Catalog Conversions 3.5 Upgrades
Afanc [COMPLETED](lacks capsize/ram & young)
Faerie Dragon [PENDING](CR way too low)
Minimal (Template) [PENDING](not miniature enough?)

Creature Catalog Correction Issues to Address
Cave Lord [COMPLETED](wrong stats!)
Colossus [needs new revision!]
Flying Fish Swarm, Poisonous [COMPLETED][separate entry?]
Krakentua [WORKING](needs CR/AC tweak or revision?)
Scarlet Dancer [PENDING](needs new revision!)
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Erdric Dragin

I'm looking through the index I have of the CC, and I noticed the Krakentua, while posted as a CR 30 creature, it's AC is 16!? I find that very erroneous.

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