D&D 5E Quick Thought: Stacking Resistance House-Rule?

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I've never see it made a general rule, but I did have one character who had fire resistance from like, four sources so the dm just fiat-ed that to immunity.


I thought about this and was thinking that if a character gains two permanent sources of resistance, that they gain a once/short rest ability where they are immune to the damage and heal hit points equal to half the damage dealt. This means that if they gain fire resistance from race and class that they gain the ability but if they gain it from race and spell then they wouldn't gain this ability because the spell is temporary.


Yeah, I was only thinking permanent resistances, not temporary.

Maybe for each additional source, once per short or long rest you can grant yourself immunity instead?

So, if you had three sources, you would always have resistance, and twice per rest you could give yourself immunity against a single damage source.

I think that would be balanced and still provide some benefit for having multiple sources of resistance.

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