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Pathfinder 1E Ranger/Archer Build


I am playing in the Kingmaker AP and I have two levels of ranger at the moment. I'm focused on an archer build and I am unsure where to go from here (multi-classing/archetypes/feats). Any suggestions?

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Wow! No one comes here & looks to see.

Your basic build starts off with point blank shot & precise shot. Most popular is rapid shot & feats that you qualify for well before you would normally qualify for. Improved Precise Shot is one such feat you can choose at sixth level & it require a +11 base attack bonus. It is part of your feat choices as a ranger if you chose the ranger style for the bow.

Gravity bow (not sure what book it's from) makes your long bow do damage one category larger (2d6 for long bows). Worth having pearls of power of first level besides loading up all your first level spells.

The main strategy for a bow character is to crack out & max the damage modifier (deadly aim anyone) & increase the amount of shots you can take. Rapid shot & boots of speed are popular with this build.

The idea of of doing damage per round (Dpr) at range is very powerful. The game designers have been very carefull to limit the archer in pathfinder.