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I gave it an 8. Going in the buzz I heard was moderately positive. The movie was a little better than I expected and much better than I feared. It was well-cast and accurately captured what a D&D session might look like if it was turned into a feature film. As a dedicated caster player I loved the visual depiction of spell effects.

It wasn't a perfect film -- the pacing lagged in a few places and some of the jokes didn't land. But the bar for the next D&D film is now set high. As opposed to the embarrassingly low bar after that 2000 film that shall not be named.
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Gave it a 7. The first act had enough rough patches through the editing process that I couldn't see myself going higher... even if I did understand and enjoy all the D&D and Faerun references to trigger my pleasure sensors.

But once the paladin shows up in the 2nd act though (best character in the movie IMO), the film kicks into high gear and it's really a lot of fun from that point.

(One thing I'll say is that the opening scene and flashbacks of this film in Icewind Dale trying to get the backstory taken care of really drives home just how utterly successful Peter Jackson was with the opening prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring. That prologue with Blanchett did so much in such a short amount of time to set up the film that I can't help but compare any other movie to it that tries to do the same thing. And unfortunately, the "prologue" of Honor Among Thieves just didn't have the momentum to kickstart the film nearly as well which is part of the reason the first act felt clunky to me.)

A solid 8.
I normally go to the cinema by myself at friday noon on opening day so I get the screen almost to myself at the first showing.
D&D was half full. Never happens. Bodes well.


Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
I gave it 7 points more than I thought I would.

Meaning a solid 7!

And I was totally ready to drag it and be mad about it. Shocked. Just shocked.

I thought the dialogue was a little iffy here and there and did not understand the accent choice in a place or two but minor quibbles.

They did…shockingly…well. Eating my words.


A solid 8. Great humor, it felt like dnd without being too cheesy or too "wink at the camera" when people were noting certain dndisms.

I had a few friends with me that don't play and they were thoroughly entertained.


7, quite cartoonish in tone which was fine, entertaining though fairly forgettable. The D&D monsters and magic effects they portrayed looked good and the humour worked for the most part. The ensemble party were all pretty good, the two main characters both did a great job.
From a gamer perspective the part that was most consistent with the game: The Paladin was OP. The part that was least consistent: The party adventured without a cleric.
I felt it was pitched to a young adult audience, so not me, and think I may have given it only a 6 partially for the, not my cup of tea reason, if it wasn’t a D&D movie.


8.5, I enjoyed it as a popcorn film but my 11yo nephew absolutely loved it. They did more right than they did wrong, there were pacing issues & missed opportunities for character development, but there were a couple stand-out scenes and lots of chuckles. Left me with a couple ideas to play with in my next D&D game.


8. It's not perfect, but it's fun to watch and I'd enjoy seeing it again. If it stands up to rewatching, I'll happily compare it to things like Indiana Jones - great fun, action and comedy, not a masterpiece but also not trying to be - it wants to be a fun film that lots of people enjoy.

I'm leaning towards yes on that now, but I enjoyed seeing it once and maybe on a repeat viewing it won't work. But at least I want to try that.


I gave it a 7. Was fun, lighthearted, and did (mostly) feel like a D&D session. Chris Pine really held it together. Well, the whole cast was good. I wasn't bowled over by the movie, but it was certainly good enough, and I expect they will get some sequels and spin-offs.


I think they went the correct route in making a widely acceptable D&D movie for mass appeal. Personally, I would want a grittier D&D movie more like Conan the Barbarian,. but that's just me.


A solid 7. Way better than I expected. Some clunky bits, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable romp. Lots of little details for the gamers too. Looking forward to seeing it again at some point.

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