D&D 5E Ray Winninger mentions third project!

WotC's Ray Winninger has confirmed that another D&D release, by James Wyatt, will be released in between Witchlight (September) and Strixhaven (November). Strixhaven was Amanda Hamon's project, while Witchlight is Chris Perkins'. That assumes he's not referring to the Feywild accessory kit in September.

A lot of people are asking Qs about the [D&D] releases for the rest of this year.

Yes, WILD BEYOND THE WITCHLIGHT is the [Chris Perkins] story product I referenced in our dev blog. STRIXHAVEN is [Amanda Hamon's] project. We have not yet announced [James Wyatt's] project, which releases between WITCHLIGHT and STRIXHAVEN.

Why did we announce STRIXHAVEN so early? Pretty simple--there was no way to release the STRIX-related Unearthed Arcana without letting the cat out of the bag.

You'll learn a lot more about all of these products at D&D Live on G4, July 16 and 17. And yes, there is still a little surprise or two ahead.

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It's hard to see how you could write a book on "how to do nostalgia" in the way as you can write a book on "how to do horror".

I'm in my 50s, and don't have any particular affection for Greyhawk. I read it, thought it was dull, and created my own homebrew setting.

Not every Setting book has to have "how to do X" Ravnica and Eberron's didn't.

You do nostalgia threw marketing mostly.

Bottom line. How do you write a game mechanic for making a story Swords & Sorcery or Heroic Fantasy?

The main difference is the motivation of the PCs. And remember overruling the players to, say, force their character to be a mercenary, or to play a pregenerated "Hero of the Lance" is bad form.

Supernatural Gifts, Party Patrons, and Factions linked to a settings lore are great for this as you can do a huge amount of variations between settings.


Bottom line. How do you write a game mechanic for making a story Swords & Sorcery or Heroic Fantasy?

The main difference is the motivation of the PCs. And remember overruling the players to, say, force their character to be a mercenary, or to play a pregenerated "Hero of the Lance" is bad form.
Introduce gold as XP.


I'm pretty sure "bringing it back to the original" isn't what needs to be done. Deletion of Gully Dwarves (offensive stereotype), modification of kender to discourage griefing, toning down of Mormonism (doesn't sell well outside the USA), and do something about the depiction of Native American culture. Goodness know what, I think Ellmore's art is as much to blame for that as anything, as well as the skin tight female armor.

But then it's still a generic fantasy setting. It would need something more than that to give younger players a reason to buy it.

To an extent, Dragonlance's bad rep is a bit undeserved, but even an an unfair bad rep is a significant obstacle.
Most of these issues aren't significant to the setting (or even the original story) and can be changed without much fuss and still leave the setting intact. But that's regardless—if there's going to be a new trilogy, there's going to be a new DL D&D product.


I think the question would be if they are still going to attach alignments to outer planes and keep the "belief-is-reality" element of the setting. Can a city in the outlands still "slip" into a LE plane? That would mean the alignments have a metaphysical reality in the dnd cosmos and are not descriptive. I can't see them doubling down on alignment int his way.
I don't think WOTC has stepped that far away from (out of?) alignment. Good and Evil, Law and Chaos still exist as metaphysical forces, and the default Great Wheel cosmology still have planes tied to the alignments. The recent changes have been more about not assigning alignments based on race for mortal creatures, and as a second step developing new racial cultures showing more diversity (e.g. the three different FR drow cultures that came up recently).


Small God of the Dozens
Yeah, so Planescape as the setting location with Spelljammer as the crawl part, plus a bunch of sketches for places to explore and rules for ships and navigation sounds about right to me.

Also, Planejammer. Not Planesjammer. The 's' is surplus to requirements. :p


Planescape meets Ravenloft.
Sorry can't help it, imagining a Star Wars like scenario perhaps the PCs are present at a world that's besieged over a trading problem and its escalated whether by the PCs or a nefarious powerful eldritch knight who sabotages the event to cause a brief war allowing a "Neutral" force such as one sent from Sigil to step in and take over the area supposedly temporarily.
Could easily have the PCs blamed (because they were actually responsible) or framed as they can't prove their innocence?
Maybe have them discover evidence of a much larger conspiracy and their efforts to trace their attacker leads them to discover a facility focused on cloning... cue the return for their formerly thought slain nemesis from the first part!

That is a new mechanics, not a how to do X chapter like Ravenloft.
"How to do a city controlled by powerful guilds", "how to do a world in where magic replaces technology". The "how to" and the mechanics go together.

Theros: "how to do a world or heroes where gods have great influence" is the "how to" bit. Supernatural Gifts, Piety and Mythic Monsters are the mechanics that support it.


It's definitely a prerequisite for Dark Sun that psionics are done in a fun an engaging way, but I'm not sure we can conclude that because they've worked a lot on psionics that they must also really want Dark Sun to happen. I'm a fan of the setting and hope it's true. But they don't have to be connected. Lots of people like psionics but don't like the Dark Sun setting.
I would say generally psionics is hated more than loved. But the dark sun crowd is most likely the other way around. And although I don’t like it much I am happy for it as an option for others.


I crit!
Why not?
Planescape literally is a multiverse in appearance why not link it to Ravenloft to greatly increase both its size and importance?!
I think I like it. Maybe not enough to replace why is there.

it has a an evil overlord, whoa could easily be it’s prisoner.
People can end up their accidentally.
People can find it very difficult to leave.

what is the illusion that people present suffer from? Is it the illusion they can have any impact on the universe? Or the illusion thier philosophies really mean anything at all?

Whizbang Dustyboots

100% that gnome
Dark Sun was always the safe bet there. Both some sort of psionics plus hardcore survival rules seem like the most obvious bolt-on options to stick in an Athas based book.
Definitely. The continuing work on psionics very much feels like them trying to get it "right" (for certain values of "right") before publishing the setting.

I also think Desert of Desolation is a good bet, if they do more Ghosts of Saltmarsh-style books, which also seems very likely. It's a well-liked classic series that largely holds up, and there's a ton of other desert and pharoahnic adventures from Dungeon magazine to pull in as well.

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