D&D 5E Ray Winninger mentions third project!

WotC's Ray Winninger has confirmed that another D&D release, by James Wyatt, will be released in between Witchlight (September) and Strixhaven (November). Strixhaven was Amanda Hamon's project, while Witchlight is Chris Perkins'. That assumes he's not referring to the Feywild accessory kit in September.

A lot of people are asking Qs about the [D&D] releases for the rest of this year.

Yes, WILD BEYOND THE WITCHLIGHT is the [Chris Perkins] story product I referenced in our dev blog. STRIXHAVEN is [Amanda Hamon's] project. We have not yet announced [James Wyatt's] project, which releases between WITCHLIGHT and STRIXHAVEN.

Why did we announce STRIXHAVEN so early? Pretty simple--there was no way to release the STRIX-related Unearthed Arcana without letting the cat out of the bag.

You'll learn a lot more about all of these products at D&D Live on G4, July 16 and 17. And yes, there is still a little surprise or two ahead.

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I crit!
I wonder if it’s a licensed thing?
Also it could be that accessory product that strangely has not been announced.

But…. Strangely, they took down the back cover of the Feywild adventure.


While I sorta agree, I would have expected them to try. Now however I’m certain they didn’t want to.

I do think there has been a shift of sorts at WotC recently, at least as far as marketing.
This UA was so radical, and so flavorful, they couldn't have gotten away with it, the way they got away with the Strixhaven Race UA.

Winninger being so forthright is pretty awesome: there's a new Sherriff in town.

It can be about Innistrad, or a reboot of Council of Wyrms, based in Cris Perkins's Iomandra homebred setting. The dragon domains would be in the demiplane of Io's blood islands within the elemental limbo.

Planescape with any pieces of Spelljammer? Maybe.

Anything linked with Asian Cultures, now "Oriental Adventures" has became a politically incorrect name, but we could be something like an update of Kara-Tur, or its spiritual succesor.

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