D&D 5E Strixhaven Previews Start to Appear

It's that time in the D&D pre-release publicity phase where previews of the upcoming book start to appear across the web on various sites. It looks like each site is getting a different college to preview -- Screenrant has Prismari, and Polygon has Silverquill, for example. There are 5 colleges in total, so if the other three (Lorehold, Witherbloom, and Quandrix) show up I'll post here. Be sure to click through to each site to see the full articles and all the previews.

Strixhaven's release date was pushed back a month or so from November 16th, presumably due to the global production and shipping issues, and should begin showing up in mid-December.

Screenrant has a number of pieces, including a page describing the Prismari college faculty, the prismari student background, and art piece showing an NPC. In that article WotC's James Wyatt described how the "Relationship mechanics and the rules around Extracurricular activities and Jobs ensure that players keep their attention on how they’re relating to other students"; 18 NPCs form part of that Relationship system, and you are a friend or a rival of each: "For example, if you’re friends with Greta Gorunn, an affable, fun-loving, bodybuilding dwarf, members of the Iron-Lifters Society might show up to help you with any tough physical tasks you encounter. If you’ve annoyed her, one night when you return to your dorm you’re likely to find a bunch of heavy furniture blocking your way to your room."


Polygon gets the Silverquill college, again along with its related background and an NPC.


Amanda Hamon talked to Polygon and describes how the book is comprised of four 'arcs', one for each college year. She also talks about "gamifying romantic relationships with non-player characters, a system for taking exams, and a vaguely Quidditch-like ruleset for the popular intramural sport of Mage Tower."
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