D&D 5E My guess for the other D&D book this year... Draconomicon!

We know the fifth major product this year will be James Wyatt‘s as-yet unannounced project, and we know it will be coming out this year between Witchlight and Strixhaven. Wyatt co-wrote the Draconomicon for 3E. There have been two recent dragon-themed Unearthed Arcanasdragon-themed subclasses, and Draconic Options with new dragon-themed spells and Dragonborn variants. He co-wrote those, too. The Gothic Lineages UA turned into Ravenloft, and the Folk of the Feywild UA turned into Witchlight.

Plus the new Dragonlance novel trilogy launches very soon (though that’s licensed out).

So far this year we've already seen or know about two settings (Ravenloft and Strixhaven), and two adventures (Candlekeep and Witchlight). It feels like a rules supplement (monsters, player options, magic items, etc) is due.

I have no inside knowledge on this; it’s 100% a guess. But it sounds like it has gotta be a dragon book. X’s Guide to Dragons? A new Draconomicon?


D&D 3E Draconomicon (2003)​

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