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The Grackle

I’ve been thinking about running a Star Wars adventure. I play in a couple of RL D&D games, but they’re pretty sporadic, and I’m a player in all of them. Lately, I’ve had the old “DM’s itch.” (You know the one.) So I thought I might run some old SW adventures I wrote awhile back, but this time… on the internet.

There’s two things: One, I’ve never run a PbP game, so it might take me a bit to get used to a new medium. Two, I’ve never read a SW book in my life, and I don’t plan to either. I’d only be pulling from G Canon here, not so much EU. If you’re a stickler for accuracy, f’get about it. I’m going for Star Wars feel more than specifics. (But there wouldn’t be any klingons or draculas or anything like that.)

Three things actually. Three, I’d be using Mutants & Masterminds, the world’s greatest superhero RPG (a claim I fully support) instead of SWd20 or SWd6. That might seem odd, but I’ve run this adventure before using M&M, and it worked out in a surprisingly awesome manner. It’s way more over the top, with jumps and unbelievable feats of daring and crazy running battles up the sides of walls, but I’d argue that’s a pretty valid interpretation of the setting. It might not appeal to everyone, though.

I see that a lot of PbP games start w/a huge scope or grand idea, but then they eventually lose momentum and poop out. Instead of that, I’d rather run a one shot, keep it going at a good pace, and try to actually finish it. This is a pretty short adventure. In RL I ran it in 2 sessions, but I don’t know what that translates to online. If people like it and want to continue, I’ll just write sequel later on and give the returning PCs first dibs at it. I’d like players who could post at least 1/day on weekdays.

Maybe I should actually describe the adventure. It’s for a group of 4 to 6 players, all young padawans (PL7) just about to become real-deal Jedi Knights. They meet up as traveling companions, and head out to undergo their trials. Along the way, adventure strikes. It’s set an even longer time ago in an Old Republic/ Proto-Republic time period.

Would people be interested? How many people? Just how interested?

just to get you jazzed.
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The Grackle

Making characters will be pretty simple. I’ve already cooked up all the Jedi powers, so all you gotta do is spend your points where you want ‘em. That means you’ll all be pretty similar, what with the TK and the deflecting energy blasts -- but that’s Jedi for ya. For sure, personality will have to define your characters more than Force powers. Think personality, background, planet/sector of origin, philosophy, Darkside tendencies, etc. etc. You know the drill. Also come up w/the Jedi Knight you’re apprenticed to, b/c your teacher and training will be pretty influential.

I would like
almost everyone to be human, so only 1 or 2 aliens in the party. (Aliens are less special if everybody gets to be one.) Aliens will have a few minor powers/drawbacks and different maximum abilities. I’m not going to write up a big list ahead of time, instead I’ll figure it out after people decide what they want to be. Most aliens are just midgets or people w/rubber heads anyway. Check here:

Character Creation Guide:
All player characters are PL7 padawans w/115pp.

Attack and Defense:
Trade-offs are already set for maximum bonuses:
Attack: +7
Damage: +7*
Defense: +9
Toughness: +5
*can be broken by equipment.

Maximum Abilities for human Jedi:
STR 20
DEX 20/34enhanced
CON 20
INT 20
WIS* 20/34enhanced
CHA 20
*A Jedi needs a minimum WIS of 16.

Maximum +12

Max 12 ranks. Everyone should spend at least 10pp on skills.

New Skills:
Knowledge: Galactic Geography
Knowledge: races/aliens
Knowledge: ships/military
Force Perception: Wis, trained, no specialty, free or full action, take 10
A notice roll for Force stuff.
Technically unnecessary, but I’d prefer a split between noticing mundane things and sensing mystical disturbances in the Force. Works for sensing how strong someone’s connection to the Force is, feeling Force Powers used nearby, and detecting exploding planets.

All Padawans must take the following feats:
Benefit (status): Jedi
Blind Fight
Defensive Attack
Improved Blind Fight*

*New feats:
Improved Blindfight: Ignore all penalties from blindness, but concealment still applies.
Throw Lightsaber: Range increment of twenty feet. You have to TK it back though.
Deflective Attack: Subtract up to 5 from your attack and add it to your deflection power.

For help w/feat selection, here’s a link to Jedi fighting styles:

Some stuff I’ve left out as too advanced for beginners (force lightening) and other ‘powers’ are just plot devices (dreams about your girlfriend dying) that no one should actually have to pay for. Because M&M is a superhero game, I’ve set some lower caps on a few super powers. For example, a rank 7 leap would mean you could do a standing high jump of 500 feet. That’s a bit much. Powers from being an alien, if any, I’ll list separately.

“Force Jump” costs 1pp/rank, min3, max3
Leap: 1pp/rank
3ranks=X10 leap distance
“Force Sensitive” 1pp/rank, min2, max2
Super Senses:
Force Sense, 1rank
Danger sense, 1rank
“Force Speed” costs 1pp/rank, min0, max2
speed: 1pp/rank, 0min, 2max
1rank=10mph, 2ranks=25mph.
“Jedi Mind Trick” 1pp/3ranks+2pp, min0, max7
Mind Control: 1pp/3rank
Extra: conscious, +1
Flaw: range; ranged, -1
Flaw: limited; non-combat only, -1
Flaw: limited; minions only, -1
Flaw: limited; suggestion not command, -1
Power Feat: subtle, 1pp
Power Feat: split attack, 1pp
“Light Saber Defense” 2pp/rank+1pp, min7, max7
Deflection (energy attacks): 2pp/rank,
Extra: action; reaction, +2
Power Feat: You can reflect and redirect energy blasts when using total defense, +1
Flaw: limited; requires lightsaber, -1
I set the minimum at the full 7 ranks, b/c it’s such an important power. Basically, it gives everybody two defense rolls, which is important b/c toughness rolls will be REAL hard to make against lightsaber hits. Note that it only works against energy weapons (blasters and lightsabers) and not against punches, TKed boulders, or Rancor grabs. If you really want to, you could lower it 1 or 2 points, but I wouldn’t recommend it. No, sir.
“Telekinesis” costs 2pp/rank -1pp, min1, max 5
Telekinesis: 2pp/rank, min1, max5
Drawback: no grapple, -2pp
Power Feat: alternate power, 1pp
Trip: 2pp/rank
Extra: Knockback, +1
“Unarmed Fighting” 1pp/rank +1pp, 0min, 7max
Strike: 1pp/rank
Power feat: mighty, 1pp
Strike+Str bonus can’t be higher than 7

Generally Padawans shouldn’t have any social ties, other duties, or serious psychological problems.
All Jedi have the complication: Jedi Code
All Jedi have the complication: Lure of the Darkside.
Some alien races might have drawbacks.

Equipment: 1pp buys 5pp of equipment
Everybody starts w/free lightsabers.
Commlink, 1pp
Binoculars, 1pp
Breather/gasmask, 1pp
Grapple launcher, 1pp
(Magnetic, adhesive, or spiked tip)
Tool kit, 1pp
Datapad, 1pp
Holo-recorder, 1pp
Glow Rod, 1pp
Survival kit, 1pp
(+4 survival checks, includes weeks of food capsules)
Medical kit, 1pp

Leather Jacket, 1pp
toughness +1
Flight Armor, 2pp
Toughness + 2

Blaster, 8pp
Heavy Blaster, 10pp
Knife, 3pp

Droids are sidekicks. 1pp = 5pp for construct character. PL5

& The Light Saber, 0pp
Device (easy to lose):
Corrosion: 8 ranks
Extra: linked power
Transform: 8 ranks (sever limbs)
Flaw: range; touch, -1
Flaw: unreliable; triggers on crits only, -2
Extra: duration; instantaneous, +2
Extra: alternate save; Reflex
Drawback: doesn’t work in water, -.5pp
Drawback: full power, -1pp
Drawback: noticeable; light and sound, -1pp
Powerfeat: difficult to attack, +4 Def DC, 1pp
Drawback: Tough Drain doesn’t work vs. rare materials.
I thought this was a pretty straightforward way to make a lightsaber. Transform is an expensive way to get the sharpness/vorpal qualities, but since no one’s paying pp for them, it doesn’t matter too much. If you use Jar’Kai or a lightstaff, you start out with an extra saber. Dual-wielding lightsabers or using a lightstaff requires ambidexterity to use, but gives no other benefit.
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Hmmm...I think this could be fun.

May I call dibs on an alien? I was thinking a Falleen or a Young Wookie.

Though I did have an idea for a Human who tends to stray from the path a bit.

More of a ne'er do well rogue type then evil (but of course the Dark Side can take advantage of that)
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Voda Vosa

Count me in ! I ll love to play Star Wars ^^ Realy interested , and able to make more than 3 posts a day (some days =P)
If it could be possible il like to be a Cerean, actualy its like a conehead =P quite intelectual and wise, but rather weak
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