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Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

PF2 sales rank numbers are killer and other RPG companies would be celebrating in the streets with those numbers.
The sales started very strong but in six weeks they have dropped quite precipitously. As much overhead as Paizo has this could be trouble down the line. The sales are great compared to many competitors but none of those competitors have the fixed costs of Paizo either. Probably bears watching if sales slide.


I crit!
Paizo has been pairing down for a while. For instance I think the administration of PFS is only a part of someone’s job now.

Also it looks like the pf2 core book sales have kinda stabilized. Which probably means they can find a groove and be good.

Finally the setting book sold out of stock, and sustained a sales rank in the 14000. So my guess is that they are on the bubble about how many books they needed.
I have no animosity. Some of the comments felt like cheerleading for the game to fail to me. That's all. If that was not the intention I apologize. This kind of stuff is pretty easy to misread.
Your comments came across as 'Well this is better than 5e/superior to 5e'; sounding as if you're disparaging 5e. I understand this was not intentional but it sounded like an attack on 5e in tone if not intention.

I actually wish good fortune on PF2E - having different options for games is good - but some comments from various people regarding why they like PF2E sound like they are disparaging 5e and it annoys me no end.

Try this for instance: instead of saying 'PF2E monsters are more fun than 5e monsters' which sounds somewhat adversarial say instead 'Well I enjoy PF2E monsters because they bring more varied abilities to the game'

Stating what you like about PF2E without denigrating 5e essentially. It's all in the expression - diplomacy is an art worth practicing.
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