Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank


I doubt that's the case. The more likely cause is that after six months of being on the market people have realized that the game just isn't any good. Paizo's foray into Pathfinder began when WotC released 4e and people wanted an alternative to a watered down version of what was once a fun game. They established an entire market based on this, and then turned around and released a second edition which is a watered down version of what was once a fun game. If people want that why would they need to go to a secondary market when there's already a primary market of the exact same thing currently having a resurgence (D&D 5e)?

Honestly, the only thing that doesn't make sense in what little of the sales statistics we can see is why there was a spike in sales over a month ago (early tax returns maybe?). Everything else has been exactly as expected since the beta was made available for public consumption.



Dude.... I clicked the link for this. what a let down. :)
I think it means that account is no longer active. It recently happened to @Lowkey13 and his/her account is no longer active (can got to their profile, DM, and the @ symbol doesn't "mention" them) and he/she post that they were leaving the site.

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Although, with a join date of 2011 and only two messages to their name, this is pretty obviously a sock puppet for someone with a chip on their shoulder.


Spat with a mod. Probably shouldn’t discuss it here beyond that.
Edit: there was a thread in the meta forum about it. Might still be there.
Its still there - I just read it. Really a shame as it looks like (unless there is more to it then in that thread) a big misunderstanding on his/her part. These are stressful times for us all. I hope he/she reconsiders with some distance and comes back at some point. I always enjoyed his/her humor.