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Fifteen years ago a horrid and devastating evil plagued the small hamlet of Hommlet. The village once was peaceful and without troubles; this quickly changed. Bandits, evil humanoids, darkly garbed priests were seen on the roads and with no time at all were reeking havoc upon the town. Something had to be done! And something was. A handful of brave souls stepped up to the plate and went toe to toe with this Evil that had washed over Hommlet. These adventurers learned of a temple that had been infested with worshippers of the Dark God and their minions. They sought out the temple and brought justice upon it; collapsing the church and crushing the evil within. And once again all was quiet. Until now. Something was amiss in Hommlet, again, and there was talk that perhaps the Evil that had been driven off long ago was back.. and with a vengeance.

You will be playing decendants of the former adventurers that 'destroyed' the temple whom are either dead or are too old to pick up a sword and vanquish evil themselves. Good luck!

Campaign: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
System: D&D 3.5
Level: 4th
Number of Players: 4-5
Books allowed: Any non-setting WotC. I've quite the selection of books at my disposal, if you wish to use something I do not have then you'll have to provide me with the information.
Posting rate: At least twice a week.
Special: No psionics. I'm looking for people that have not been on the module nor have run it before.

What I'm looking for from you at this point is this: A basic character idea (race, class) and a brief background. I'm not saying type me up a four page essay, hence the brief, but I would like to know a bit about the character you wish to play. Included in that background I want to know a bit about your family member that once saved Hommlet: Their name, how they were/are related to you, what their profession was. No character sheets at this time.
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Woohoo! First post!

Expressing interest. I probably will go with a Divine oriented character, but I hafta look at the Greyhawk Pantheon to decide the particulars.

Voda Vosa

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This sounds interesting! If evil is to be fight, then the forces of nature must have a roll in it, I will propose a Druid.
Delfian the half elf druid.
Delfian grew up in the shadow of his mother great deeds, in her years of youth, she protected the peaceful hamlet of Homlet, near the druidic grove where they live now. So great was her glory, so wonderful her stories, that the young Delfian joined the druid order when hje was a child. His father, an honorable human ranger, lived in Homlet when the Temple was destroyed, and give aid to the valorous adventurers.
One day Delfian mother got ill and passed away. After that, the elders started to feel a change in the weather. Strange things started happening. "The evil arises again" they said.
And so, they celebrated a big council, after which, the elders decided to send him investigate, as they did with his mother, long ago. His father, too old for the exigences of adventure, remain in the grove. The druids and rangers that lived in there, would be the only defense against the new menace, if Delfian was to fail.


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I'd like to play an Azurin Totemist

No idea on a name yet, but the background is as follows(she's called Azzy for now):

Connection: Azzy's aunt, a human druid by the name of Drela, was among the original adventurers who survived the ordeal 15 years ago, though she sustained an injury in her leg that never healed right. Drela always imagined that the temple would come back, and prepared her 3 young sons to one day fight it off. Unfortunately, the eldest son is currently 11 and can barely hold a spear, so it fell to Azzy, her eldest niece.

Azzy was a witch-babe, born under a full moon during midsummer, and this left her touch with incarnum. She's always felt a bit different from her siblings - a bit more feral, a bit more primal. Azzy was the second oldest of 5 children(3 boys, 2 girls). Her family lived about 10 miles out of Hommlet on a small farm. When she was 7, Azzy found a small green snake in the grass with a ruby on its head. The snake had been awakened by a druid about 10 years ago, and now was a totemist himself. The snake began to teach Azzy about the balance of nature and how to be in harmony with all around.

Azzy's parents quickly found out about this, and tried to put a stop to it imediately. Unfortunately for them, once Azzy had tasted what she could do with incarnum, she was unwilling to let it be. She saw no reason to stop - it hadn't hurt anyone, on the contrary - the snake had become her first friend. About two months later when she was 9, Azzy's parents forced her to leave the farm.

For three years, Azzy and the snake travelled around, learning more and more about this wonderful power they both shared and more about each other. As they grew closer, the snake became enamoured with Azzy, and would watch her constantly. Eventually this led to a parting of ways.

EDIT: Ah, I was going to be related to a druid, but I see VV beat me to it; Drela is now a sorcerer.

Dire Lemming

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Heh, could I play a monk who's the son of my current character in Rhun's ToEE Omega game? :p Though I'm not sure how he'd get a son since he still hasn't seen hide nor hair of his girlfriend ever since she was kidnapped by (that is to say ran off with) that vile pretty boy bard in the character's backstory. Grr!

Voda Vosa

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Zoycitenega said:
EDIT: Ah, I was going to be related to a druid, but I see VV beat me to it; Drela is now a sorcerer.
Please don't, I see more interesting a crossed story, we could work up something together if you like. It will definitely give more realistic roll playing once the game starts. Well thats my though.


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Devon Thorranson grew up in the barbarian village of the wolf nomads. He was thje son of the great Thorran, who came back packed with treasure and enough stories to last the bards a lifetime. Growing up as the son of a legend did not prove easy, but Devon was up to the task.
When the shaman got word through the beasts and the spirits that the old evil rose again,they sent for Devon to follow in the footsteps of his father, as it should be.

(wether the shamans got word through the druids from Voda Vosa's character is something I'll leave in the middle for now, but it could be a link)


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Voda Vosa said:
Please don't, I see more interesting a crossed story, we could work up something together if you like. It will definitely give more realistic roll playing once the game starts. Well thats my though.
Alright, cool.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ebon of Crystal Spire

Character would be Dwarven Earth(Mineral, if you allow it) genasi, priest of Dumathoin/Deepwarden and/or Dwarven defender later. Retainer of powerful Crystalle, one of the elemental lords and contrary to dwarf race, not greedy for gold :)

History beginning
Ebon was born on the elemental plane of crystal as a product of spiritual union of mighty priestess (earth elemental archon) Sabrina, called Sabrina the Mad and one of the retainers in crystal palace of Aronal near Rainbow Stone Forest (Angel of Stone). When she discovered that she is pregnant, she was advised to return to Prime to give birth and educate the young one. She refused and gave birth in the palace. For first 25 years of his life, young Ebon ran (almost) freely through the palace, but one day he found an exit. Unusually soft skined (mother’s side prevailed), Ebon was NOT well adapted for the environment so he was badly cut and bleeding when servants found him. Finally, after another year or so, Sabrina relented and went with him to Prime. yadda yadda full history later

EDIT: I can reply several times per week, work days only, GMT +1, at around 4PM local time
EDIT2: Sabrina was one of original adventurers
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