Unearthed Arcana Revised Artificer Survey now available


I disagree completely. It's more like a story about Batman that focuses on one of those three features.

Damn I hope it still can be a "pet", because my wife really enjoys her turret as it is.
I'd be ok if the artillerist created a weapon and had the option to make it create a tripod mount and fire independently of the artificer wants.

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Good news for some people in this thread:
It looks like the Homunculus is highly likely to be retooled into an Infusion instead of a Subclass Feature.

Unfortunately, it seems like the rest of the pets are stuck in their respective subclasses.

That is a win for everybody because now those who wanted an Alchemist subclass with the pet can have it. Those who liked the Alchemist with the pet can still have it, and those who choose a different subclass can also have a pet, including future subclasses that don't come with one.


I like the idea of the Artificer having two types of specializations, like the Warlock picks both a Patron and Pact Boon. So instead, pulling all the Pets into a "Special Creation/Invention" category, and still have the existing subclasses as Specializations minus their Pets. So give the Alchemist more alchemy related things, and then they have the option of getting a Homunculus or not.

I think it would be an illustration of all that is wrong with internet feedback if the homunculus and turrets where removed or nerfed because there are some people who don't like them.

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