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5E Rime of the Frostmaiden special cover sold out already?


I crit!
Rime is 75 out of all books on Amazon and around here it looks like the special edition is sold out. Anyone know if there are any in distribution?

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I would suggest Minature Market and GameNerdz. They have run out of Special Alternative covers, like the Tyranny of Dragons 2019, before and restocked. I usually order my special alternative covers, which are usually ten dollars less on their website for new DND 5E books, and they have been great and reliable. They even have the Tasha's Cauldron to Everything alternate cover up for pre order as well.

I would also say for future reference: Always pre order the alternate covers. That way you avoid any hassles or headaches.


Elder Thing
My FLGS was sold out when I got there; unheard of with their normal distribution and 5e book history. They also somehow misplaced the copy I had special ordered, so needless to say I was sad

Luckily they had a copy at their tiger location, so my day at least was saved. But yes, this one seems to be selling fast.


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Both options were available at my FLGS; I opted for the standard cover as I think the art on that one is more interesting and compelling than the special edition. Went the other way with the Theros book.


Is there a limit on how many special covers a game store can get? I mean, if a store sells out of them, can they order more, or is that it?

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