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Rise of Tiamat - Intro


Ashur ran his hand over his stubbled chin and pondered the message. A new assignment could be welcome as pickings had been low of late and coin was starting to become a problem. His relationship with elves was somewhat strained; he had brought in many an elvish criminal and whilst on the surface the elves were appreciative of his efforts, he had always suspected that they secretly resented the fact that a 'mere human' was able to hunt down their kin.

He smiled as he formulated a response that he knew would potentially irritate the originator of the message.

"Understood," he answered curtly grinning to himself. He was about to turn away when the hawk landed nearby, there was something unnatural about it as well but he couldn't quite put his finger on what.

Another strange bird, he thought to himself. Turning to the hawk, "Are you a messenger as well?"

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The hawk makes no response, but you do hear someone approaching through the woods. (Analiese can make a Stealth roll if you'd like, but even if you roll a natural 20, I'll just say that means Ashur doesn't hear you until you've almost reached the clearing.)

At the same time, someone else also hears the stranger's approach. Bannor has been meditating nearby, enjoying the stillness of the deep wildlands; he wasn't watching the sky, so he has no idea about either the Silver Raven or the familiar Hawk, but his level of awareness cannot help but take note of a person (by his standards) blundering through the underbrush and creating a ruckus. (He's somewhere between where Ashur is and where Ana was, so he isn't aware of Ashur yet, though it won't take long once he figures out where Ana is headed.)

(I'm going to have Robyn and Dumos meet each other somewhere else, and then join up with the party shortly thereafter. Unfortunately the well of my inspiration has run dry; I have to head home for the day, and I work tomorrow, so it will be Friday at the soonest before I can post an intro for you guys, unless you'd just like to write your own intro scene at some random village somewhere. I can certainly do better than that, if you're content to wait.)

OOC: Stealth is compared against passive perception. I don't think Ashur's or anyone's passive perception is 20 unless they took the observant feat.
Stealth: 1D20+7 = [17]+7 = 24
Now, granted, Bannor will not be surprised because he has alertness. But he does not know Ana is there until she does something that breaks stealth.

Ana is suspicious of what is going on. As she approaches a clearing she sees a human looking a Moperoo. He seems curious. Ana steps into the clearing, weapons sheathed. "I see you've found my hawk," she says. She makes a low whistle and mentally tells Roo to fly to her shoulder.


Ashur turns at the low whistle, seeing the bird take off and fly towards the woman appearing out of the trees. The metal bird didn't seem to react to the newcomer so he doubted it was hers.

"Good day, lady," Ashur bows slightly. The woman seemed to be an adventurer like himself and moved with easy grace in the wild. Not some tavern maid this one. "I take it this one isn't yours?"

He indicates the metal bird perched nearby.


Ashur shook his head and turned back to the metal bird.

"No, not natural." he agreed. "But is is a messenger. It has delivered its message but it still lingers."

He considers the newcomer, "My name is Ashur. This construct gave me a message as I approached it but it still lingers. Maybe it has a message for you too?"

"Perhaps, Ashur," Ana says. When the bird looks her way she says, "Hello, I'm Annaliese Claymoor." Then she looks at Ashur, "But you can call me Ana."


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After hearing the 25th word spoken between Ana and Ashur, the raven takes off and flies back in the direction from which it originally came. Analiese senses Roo's desire to pursue the target, but it's just a momentary twitch before the raptor's magically-constructed sentience overcomes its innate predator instinct. The artificial bird never sees Bannor, nor vice versa (though he might hear the whistling of its flight overhead, past a thickness of canopy sufficient to block his view, shortly before he arrives in the clearing).


Dumos and Robyn have met on the road, both independently en route to Waterdeep. The tiefling has gotten a letter from some mid-ranking noble, who mentions that he was recommended to her by a lower-ranking noble whose holdings Dumos recently protected (not that this was really the reason why he was there; killing the monster was his priority, and he just managed not to inflict any real degree of collateral damage in the process, so the locals remember him more fondly than they otherwise might have done). The missive was quite vague on the details, but Dumos can likely assume that the intended mission will involve both coin and trouble, so he's certainly inclined to go check it out, having no other immediate priorities. The cleric of course has a more personal and hard-to-ignore summons motivating his travels; Selune's whispered voice is often hard to clearly make out, but one particular moonlit evening's prayers, he was quite specifically pointed in the direction of Waterdeep, with a highly unusual degree of urgency, as if the fate of many innocents depends on his making his way there as soon as reasonably possible. As tends to be the way of things in Faerun, the two traveling adventurers crossed paths coincidentally, shared a campfire meal or three and traded stories, and have established at least the beginnings of an acquaintanceship, so they now approach the local trading hub of Westwater together.

As the holy man and the somewhat-less-holy spellsword approach within a mile or so of the city, they notice that the air smells worrisomely of ash and smoke. They are relived when they finally spy the walls, but somewhat less so when they see the closed iron gates on a settlement which usually has nonstop trading caravans passing through in both ways, with spear-carrying guards walking the battlements only 15 or 20 yards apart, and a distinct haze of pollution in the air overhead which the summer breezes have yet to dissipate. Clearly, something unpleasant has happened here, or perhaps it's still happening....

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