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Rise of Tiamat - Intro


She accuses people she doesn't know of being untrustworthy. She openly says she has contempt for peasants. She is nothing like Worf.

I didn't say it was an exact parallel. Think of her as kinda like Season 1 Worf, before they started to develop his character properly. I didn't develop much of a character for her either. And this whole scene has gone on way longer than it should have, and I never really intended it anyway. I'm trying to get us on to the real action, without completely dropping all the leads you guys chose to follow up on. I'm okay with Ana wanting to get out of there; this is much of why Shel isn't trying to defend herself in-character.

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Ana accepts the letter of recommendation from Nevek and places it in her backpack. "Find yourself a new commander as soon as you can, Nevek. I know your instinct is to defend her after I said that. Don't bother. Be safe." To the mage, she says, "We'll accompany you back to town. It looks like it'll be sunset by the time we arrive. We will depart for Waterdeep in the morning." To the rest of the group, she says, "Let's mount up and be off."

OOC: I took some liberties. I assume others will say their good byes in their own posts.


Ashur shakes his head, this day was a great reminder why he normally preferred hunting people to talking to them.

"Good luck ." he seemed about to say more but shook his head again. The commander concerned him with her casual disregard for the average people.

"Commander, bear in mind that these non combatants are the true heroes. They build the future while we destroy. They battle the elements every day to ensure there is a future.

what people like us do requires no courage at all, it is weakness that drives us to this life. Strength is planting trees that you may never see to maturity because it is the right thing to do. Strength is hacking a life out of the wild , burying children as you go.

what we do is the farthest thing from strength. I hope you learn that before it is too late. "


OOC: Well I was planning on having them offer you a balloon ride, but since time isn't a critical factor and at least two of you seem determined to shun further contact with the Enclave, all because of your dislike for one hardass NPC who I didn't think was ever remotely over the line for a stock character, we'll just say that you go ahead and make your own travel arrangements, probably with Hartleigh arranging for you guys to join a carriage-crew for one of his clients or something. In whatever fashion, this entire "prelude" to Rise of Tiamat is now complete, and we can commence the main plot with your arrival in Waterdeep.

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