Rogue Games announces the Stranglehold: Gen Con Trash Can Edition!


With GenCon, less than a month away, Rogue Games and Knightime Studios is pleased to announce the Stranglehold: Gen Con Trash Can Edition!

Stranglehold is a wrestling game that allows you to RUN a league and emulate an evening of wrestling.

You do not play a single wrestler, instead, you are the booker managing a stable of wrestlers, and taking on the role of each during important points in the evening.

Though not scheduled for release until December 2007, the Stranglehold: Gen Con Trash Can Edition will be available in limited quantities allowing you to play now.



You can pick up your copy at the Heliograph/Grey Ghost Press/Rogue Games/Zygote Games booth (#1535).

To learn more about the game, visit the Rogue Games website.
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