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RPG News for Wednesday, 12 Dec, 2012

[h=3]D&D News[/h]
  • When you think about D&D, what do you think its essence is? Jon goes over what he and his colleagues at Wizards have discussed, plus brings you into the discussion.

[h=3]RPG News[/h]

[h=3]Community News[/h]


  • The successful Eternity Dice (dice made of lava) Kickstarter now has a follow-up for those who missed out on Indie-go-go.

[h=3]EN World Rebuilding Project[/h]
As you probably know, we're busy rebuilding EN World from scratch after we were hacked and we had to ditch all of our old code. We're getting there slowly, and traffic is starting to creep back towards normal. We've re-added the Wiki, Blogs, and more, but it will be quite some time before we're a fully operation battlestation again. Please be patient with us. Also, as my inbox will attest to, new member registration is currently disabled for security reasons. We'll let you know when we've locked things down tightly enough to open up registrations again.

A couple of new features include quick user-account switching (for those who play-by-messageboard-post) which makes it easy to swtch to a 'character' account, and a new FEATURES section where you'll find some of our more popular articles/resources over the years.

I'm slowly moving the reviews over - one at a time, unfortunately - as well as the Subscribers Content.
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