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Labyrinth Lord and Castles & Crusades have plenty of support including new classes and monsters. Exalted Funeral has nine RPGs of all kinds and Eclipse Phase gets a condensed rulebook for players.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

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Barbarian, Demi-God, Dragonborn | Quickstart Race & Class Guide | Hercynian Grimoire #1 (Labyrinth Lord and Castles & Crusades) | Ghosts - The Incorporeal Undead | Myrkridder, Ogres, & Vampires (Labyrinth Lord and Castles & Crusades) by James Mishier Games
  • SYSTEM: Labyrinth Lord
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10/$10/$15/$20/$15
  • DESCRIPTION: Barbarian, Demi-God, Dragonborn contains the martials from three products previously available only in PDF. The barbarian is designed to emulate the classic barbarian from Sword & Sorcery literature. The Demi-God race is inspired by the struggles of demi-gods to live among mortals. Dragonborn covers a racial class complete with several new dragon-magic spells as well as a race for use with Advanced Labyrinth Lord. Notes are included for dragon-bloods. Plus Dragonborn Lairs, Dragonborn Monster Entry, and two new monsters: Dracosteeds and Dragonhounds. The Quick Start Race & Class Guide is designed to make character creation fast, simple, and complete. Appendices include Rolling Up Basic Characters, Equipment Lists, Fast Packs, and Secondary Skills. Hercynian Grimoire #1 sample articles include but are not limited to: D66 Ferocious Fighters, Spell Songs of Salamacine, D66 Fairies and Nymphs, Gnoll Tribe Generator, and D66 Underworld Oddities. Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead includes everything needed to develop and use ghosts. Includes: fear attacks, incorporeal rules, life draining touch, mysterious mediums, 75 different ghostly special abilities, ectoplasm, eerie enchanted items, a creepy Appendix N, and more. Myrkidder, Ogres, & Vampires is divided into three parts. Myrkridder – The Demonic Dead details eight new undead creatures loosely inspired by old Norse myth and legend; 20 unique Myrkridder; and provides rules for Myrkridder characters and the Myrkridder class. Ogres includes new and expanded information on ogre magi, ogres, and half-ogres of the Olden Lands. Vampires includes seven vampire species, a race of villainous vampire-men, and the half-vampire dhamphir race.
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Below Dwelling Sewer Mutants with Stickers | The Frozen Temple of Glacier Peak | Bloom | The Desiccated Temple of Locha | CraftWork | Arkball | Rivals | Runecairn - Wardensaga (deluxe hardcover) | I Bury the Gods by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: unique/Knave/Mothership 1E/Old-School Essentials/OSR/PbtA/unique/unique/unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $18/$15/$10/$15/$15/$12/$10/$25/$13
  • DESCRIPTION: In Below Dwelling Sewer Mutants, PCs are mutants living and hunting in the expansive sewer system under the earth. Sludge-punk in the Undermuck. Features: quick character creation, d4 dice pool system for resolution, mutation tables, neon, and stickers. The Frozen Temple of Glacier Peak is a Nordic folklore-inspired dungeon adventure suitable for a party of level 1-3 adventurers. The melting ice has revealed the walls of a long-forgotten temple at the summit of Glacier Peak for PCs to explore if they can find the entrance. Inside: three dungeon levels with hand-drawn maps, 14 Nordic monsters, nine random tables, and six pre-generated characters. Bloom is a short adventure of horrific infection. Choi Labs, hidden at the edge of explored space and squirreled away at the bottom of an alien ocean, discovered an ocean-floor moss with far-reaching potential but dangerous side effects. Subterfuge and breached quarantine quickly result in catastrophe. The infectious moss consumed the facility, leaving only monstrous life in its wake. The PCs, not knowing about the breach, show up to steal the moss. They are greeted by empty hallways, corpses, and dire implications. They may already be infected by the nightmarish moss. Includes: rules for moss birthed horrors, infection and false symptom rules, and PC maps and info. The Desiccated Temple of Locha is suitable for 3-5 low level adventurers. The PCs explore the ruins of an aquatic temple that's in a state of suspended animation, waiting for the return of water to its parched steps. Features: maps, mini GM screen in the center spread, tension dice mechanics for tracking time and for wandering monsters, and the back cover includes papercraft miniatures for all NPCs. CraftWork presents alternative character generation. Inside: eight crafts such as MageCraft, ThiefCraft, Stagecraft, all of which interweave together; crafts, skills, and abilities that can be easily randomized; and skill-sets for PCs and NPCs. In Arkball - Rocket Derby Space Opera the PCs are players of one of the six venerated arkball teams. The live in the world of the Ark fleet and compete for the generated stakes on which arkball matches are played. Rivals is a two-player competitive story telling game using classic Rock Paper Scissors to drive the narratives. The PCs are two best friends each determined to become a local legend. They quest, qualm local fears, and compete to prove to the locals that one of them is a true hero. Runecairn, based on Norse legends is for 1-3 players. Wardensaga combines the Runecairn: Core Rules, introductory dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, and newly introduced Advanced Rules together. Features: set some time after Ragnarök; Soulslike mechanics such as resurrecting at bonfires, respawning monsters, and dynamic combat; four classes: Warrior, Scout, Seer, Skald; two advanced classes: Berserkr, Pyre; and more. I Bury the Gods, a game of dark fantasy, uses dice pools for solo, cooperative or traditional play. The PCs come from the Grand Duchy of Zagora, once one of the Batrian Empire’s farthest provinces. An ancient nature spirit within you compels you to reclaim your homeland and rebuild its sacred places. It whispers to you of a darkness that has swallowed the Empire and will soon turn its eyes to Zagora.
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Condensed Players Guide - Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios
  • SYSTEM: Eclipse Phase
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: 24.99 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Includes the setting introduction, character creation rules, basic resolution, combat, and gear rules. PCs explore a post-apocalyptic game of transhuman horror. Humanity is enhanced and improved, but also battered and bitterly divided. Technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. And other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien. In this harsh setting, the PCs participate in a cross-faction conspiracy called Firewall that seeks to protect transhumanity from threats both internal and external.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
It's fun to see the ways people find ways to share their favorite things. B.D.S.M. is obviously a reference to C.H.U.D., Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. (I mean, it is here, though given the well-known crossover between geeks and kinksters I bet they were trying to grab people's attention...) And the Dragonborn is clearly a way to bring a 3e race into OSR mechanics.

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