WotC Rumor: OGL will not be supported starting with One D&D


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I heard a rumor that Chris Perkins is a giant chicken. I GIANT CHICKEN, I tell ya!


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With how many people that won't touch non WOTC stuff with a ten foot pole, why should we be surprised?

Best adventure I ran for 5E was third party.

Kobold Press is the new Paizo.
Thanks to the OGL/3PP, the Weapons Table in my 5E games have been MASSIVELY expanded*, Awakened Animal characters (which were a bit of a pain to do in 3.0/3.5 in my humblest of opinions) are HELLA easier to do while being just as competent as any of the regular character options, and I am able to add some 3.0/3.5 races/aspects alongside some races/options not officially done by WoTC yet to my 5E games.

Whether or not said expanded weapons are "optimized" or what not is a YMMV view/approach. But look, I have Gun Lances now, so it all works out.


Which we can say off two playtest documents? What is suggesting it's going to be barebones?
I am suggesting that OneD&D's playtestimg of game systems and subsystems is no way aggressive enough to be that much more tighter or modular than 5e. Based on what I have seen, OneD&D is not going to be heavy enough focused on dials and levers to turn the brunt and onus of mechanical and storytelling design inward into WOTC in the way 4e's nonOGL base was.
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Is it possible that this entire thing is some sort of misunderstanding?

The guy in the video says that the rumor is "there will not be an Open Game License for the new edition." But that's not how it works. There's only one OGL; systems that use it typically have a System Reference Document (SRD) with some amount of the game rules released under the license.

Given that WotC seems to want 1D&D to be compatible with 5E, maybe what this guy's source is saying is that there won't be a new/updated SRD for 1D&D, simply because it won't need one, with the existing 5E SRD being enough for third-party publishers to keep supporting the game.

Now, that's just speculation on my part. WotC has released less 5E content under the OGL than they did for 3.X (just look at how much game content in the 5E PHB isn't in the 5E SRD, compared to the 3.5 PHB and SRD), so maybe this is an extension of that. But I'd be surprised if they made the same mistake they did with 4E again...or at least, made that mistake again this soon.

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