Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over

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I've just finished rereading Shemeska's Planescape SH so that's a great idea. I also want to re-read PC's - the whole invisible giant black pudding thing :)
Spoiled for choice!


Hmn. The old web page for Sagiro's collected SH has recently went down; the domain name expired, apparently. Anyone have Part 4 available? I sorta have it, but it's incomplete and missing the big finale.


Rodent of Uncertain Parentage
I do, just finished re-reading the lot after the new book. How to get it to you - Dropbox link? Or spell out your email address?
Ooooh... any chance I could get a copy as well? I'm just about to hit a place in the first draft of book 5 where I was planning on using it for research! If it's small enough to e-mail, I'm at dorian //dot// hart //at// comcast //dot// net. Thanks!

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