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Sagiro's Story Hour: The FINAL Adventures of Abernathy's Company (FINISHED 7/3/14)

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First Post
And Now for Something Completely Different... Who is Dranko?

You know I've been reading StevenAC's PDF files of this story hour and reached where the party are in the Vree Monastery. That's when I read this comment posted by PC:

Piratecat: ’Cause Kibi is prejudiced against half-orcs. *sniff* Poor Dranko – no parents, no one loves him, mocked at every turn, abused by dwarves,
made to work his poor fingers to the bone…

Then add all the grief Dranko got when he gave surrendered his fame to his tentacle friend...


Who knew...


Yep, gotta agree. I'm on my 3rd reading of the thousand page (give or take) pdf of this story hour, and it's totally great! :)


I realize it was like nine years ago, but I just finished re-reading the session in which the second Parthol Runecarver simulacrum was fought by the PCs in the street outside the Greenhouse. The thing that's bugging me is that I couldn't understand why the PCs couldn't see the sim with See Invisibility. Did I miss something? Was he using something other than Improved Invisibility?

Anyway, just wanted to ask while it was fresh on my mind. Back to reading! :D

I assumed, myself, that he stayed out of range. Of the top of my head (and I remember looking it up, but only just) see invisibility has a range of 60 feet. With flight going, Parthol could have easily evaded the company while casing them or strafing them.

I actually believe there is a point where Morningstar flies around, trying to catch P in her see invisibility radius?

Nondetection or (depending on your table's interpretation) mind blank could block see invisible, especially if the divination has a low caster level.

... Nondetection?
I'm using that at my next opportunity ;D

Sagiro, your game is awe inspiring, and also regular inspiring. I still mull over tidbits and snippets of your game when thinking through my own; I still think of Dranko, Ernie and Morningstar when I consider playing against type / playing for fun, rather than profit. You and PC have taught me a lot, through osmosis. Thanks for that.

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