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D&D 5E Sapphire Dragon is now on DnDBeyond

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The dragon from the Sapphire dice by WotC.

Any reviews?

Looks interesting so far. CR 15. The breath weapon is its traditional debilitating breath, which does thunder damage and can incapacitate targets (on a failed save) within the cone. It has some innate psionic powers (scrying, telekenesis, and teleportation circle), spider climbing and tunneling, and has a telekenetic fling and teleport in its legendary actions, all of which descend nicely from its 2e psychoportation and psychokenesis powers.

Also - a teleporting dragon once per round is terrifying.

Lair actions are basically charm, stone shape, and wall of stone (again, traditional powers for the type).

And there is a fairly extensive lore text, both for gem dragons in general and sapphire dragons in particular.
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